Laser Hair Removal or Epilator, Which One Is Better?

Unwanted hair in areas such pubic region, under-arms, legs, arms or upper-lips can really make your life pretty miserable. Ultimate goals of hair removal can either be cosmetic or personal hygiene or both. For thousands of years women from different societies are using different methods or tools to remove their unwanted hair.

These methods include use of ash, depilation, waxing, threading, shaving, epilation and laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can be considered as the latest technique for removing un-necessary hair from desired parts of the body which includes bikini area, under-arm, upper-lips, etc.

What is Laser hair removal?

In this contemporary technique, hair is removed with the help of highly focused and concentrated laser beam. Laser beam helps removing hair by burning the hair follicles. Usually under-arms, Bikini and upper-lip can be removed safely through laser hair removal treatment. This treatment has its own pros and cons which can be summarized as following.

Laser hair removal pros

  1. You can get rid of un-wanted hair from large sections of skin within no time.
  2. Almost painless compared with other hair removal treatments such as hot or cold waxing, threading and epilation.
  3. Almost no re-growth of hair, if it ever happens, then the hair would be very thin in texture.
  4. Ideal for bikini, under-arm and upper-lip hair.

Laser hair removal cons

  1. Treatment is conducted in several sessions which in turn become costly in terms of money and time.
  2. Works better for dark hair compared with the light hair.
  3. Re-growth of hair may occur due to pregnancy or hormonal changes within the body.
  4. Immediate Exposure to direct sunlight after the treatment can cause sunburn.
  5. Cannot be used extensively for other parts of the body.
  6. Skin irritation or itching might occur due to laser concentrated and focused beam.

Alternative ways of laser hair removal may include depilation, threading, waxing or epilation, but epilation can be considered far less painful and effective hair removal treatment compared with other treatments. Epilator is used to remove the un-necessary hair. Due to their sophistication and ease of use, epilators are widely used for removing hair throughout the world. Here are few pros and cons of hair removal through epilators.

Pros of epilators

  1. Tweezers inside the epilator can really help you get rid of unwanted hair quickly.
  2. Epliator bought once can last for years, which in turn helps you save money.
  3. You get ultra-soft results which can last up to four weeks or so.
  4. Extra attachments help you get rid hair from your desired parts of the body.
  5. Ideal for bikini, legs, arms, under-arm and face hair removal.
  6. It is mess free compared with waxing and depilation.
  7. Can easily remove hair up to 0.5mm in length.
  8. Regular epilation can certainly diminish the hair re-growth.

 Cons of epilators

  1. Can be uncomfortable for pubic area hair removal.
  2. May cause a little bit irritation, but still very safe remedy for hair removal.

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In conclusion, we can say that epilators can really help you get rid of unwanted hair from almost any part of your body in an effective, efficient, delicate and safe manner.

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