How To Correctly Use Aromatherapy

There are all kinds of aromatherapy methods to bring fragrance to the air, and choosing the right one can be a bit complicated. There is the aromatherapy candle, incense, potpourri, and there is the aromatherapy diffuser. An aromatherapy candle is an easy way to diffuse fragrance but the diffuser is a popular choice among professionals because it is safe and effective, as well as easy to operate.

What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser?

The aromatherapy diffuser is safe, effective, and regarded by aroma-therapists as the purest form of diffusing fragrance. The aromatherapy candle or potpourri is a commercial product and therefore more likely to contain synthetic scents which work against the therapeutic value of essential oil. Incense and candles can actually give off dangerous chemicals.

The aromatherapy diffuser uses low heat combined with a small pump to release the essential oil fragrance into the air. It’s a superior method for maintaining the essential oils integrity and it is most effective in this method.

How an Aromatherapy Diffuser Works

You can count on an aromatherapy diffuser to provide scent to a room for a number of hours by releasing a couple of drops of essential oil every so often. There are three types of diffusers – the electric diffuser, hard plastic diffuser, and glass diffuser, and they are much safer than an aromatherapy candle.

No matter the type of diffuser the procedure is basically the same. A couple of drops of essential oil are placed inside the diffuser and when you turn the diffuser on, the essential oil is either pushed out into the air by a small pump or it is warmed. Both methods release the scent into the air. An aromatherapy diffuser has the widest range of coverage and it lasts longer than other methods.

Selecting the Right Diffuser For YOU

While all diffuser are basically the same, and all three types do a good job of spreading the fragrance and providing continuous fragrance. There are differences that are subtle between the three types. Cost is the biggest difference. It can vary significantly.

Glass Diffusers

Glass diffusers use a tiny pump to carry a light fragrance around the room. There is no heat so the oil keeps its purest scent. The pump is connected to a glass bell that then pushes the fragrance out. There is a nebulizer inside the glass bell and it releases a fine mist, similar to the way fragrance is released in nature. The biggest disadvantage is pumps can be loud. Watch for this when you are purchasing a diffuser. The other disadvantage is the cost of this type of diffuser. They are expensive and fragile so you’ll need to handle with care.

Plastic Diffusers

The plastic aromatherapy diffuser is small and disperses the essential oil fragrance either by using low heat to warm the oil and release the fragrance or it will use a pump to displace the scent. This type of diffuser is easy to use and priced affordably making them the most popular choice among consumers.

Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers

With the electric aromatherapy diffuse you drop the essential oil onto a pad that is placed in the diffuser, which is then plugged in and turned on. The heat releases the fragrance in the area. They are the least expensive type of diffuser but the heat does slightly change the scent of the oil, and it rapidly uses the oil. An excellent example that has received many positive reviews is the SpaLite Aromatherapy Diffuser at (Shown Below)

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