Upper Back Pain, More common than You Think

Are you suffering from upper back pain? Why do so many people have back pain nowadays? We are living in a modern society surrounded by different luxurious items, which does not require the full use of all our muscles.

We don’t walk to work anymore. Instead we use the car. Long and insane working hours are part of our lives nowadays causing lower back and neck pain. Another issue is upper back pain.

Is Upper Back Pain Giving Your Sleepless Nights As Well?

Although upper back pain is not so common as neck and lower back pain, it can be very annoying and give you sleepless nights. The upper section of the back is made to keep the upper body and neck stable, while the neck and the lower back area are designed to allow twisting and bending.

What Are the Major Causes of Upper Back Pain?

Joint malfunction and muscular irritation are the major causes of pain in the upper back. Pain in the upper back can also result from injuries or sprains to this part of the body. Once you have determined the source of your pain you can treat it easily.

Major Cause 1: Joint Malfunction

Sprains and damage to the joints connecting the ribs to the upper back are common causes of joint malfunction. The joints that attach the ribs to the vertebrae has become stiff failing to work properly. This causes upper back pain.

A physical therapist or chiropractor can work on the upper section of the back to relax and also build up the muscles. This will help ease the tension and avoid future damage. To assist the healing process you may also be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain in your upper back.

Major Cause 2: Muscular Irritation

Muscular irritation is usually caused by lack of motion or poor muscle strength in the shoulder girdle. The shoulder girdle connects the scapula to the thoracic cavity. In most cases muscular irritation is the result of poor posture such as sitting behind the computer for many hours. Poor posture with high work stress will even increases the chance muscular irritation.

Acupuncture, chiropractic care, deep muscle massage, physical therapy, and exercises that stretch and strengthen the area can all be used to ease upper back pain in this case.

Less Common Causes of Upper Back pain

A ruptured or herniated disk is a less frequently found cause of pain in the upper back. Of all the patients who see the doctor for treatment for a herniated disk, only 1 percent complains of upper back pain. Degenerative disk disease is another rare reason for pain in the upper back. Working long hours at the computer or at a desk will make you a more likely candidate for upper back pain. Good posture as well as strengthening exercises helps to ease the problem.

Looking For A Drug-Free Approach To Treat Upper
 Back Pain?

Here are the Non Surgical Back Pain Treatments:

  • Chiropractic care
    This is now a well-respected occupation and your insurance may cover it. Chiropractors are specialized in spine treatment such as back and neck pain.
  • Physical therapy
    You will experience less pain as your back, shoulders, and abdomen become stronger.
  • Acupuncture
    This very old Chinese therapeutic skill is now more accepted in the western society for dealing with persistent pain.
  • Deep muscle massage
    A massage therapist proficient in easing upper back pain can be extremely helpful.
  • Exercise
    An exercise and stretching routine done at home or in the gym will assist you in maintaining general back strength.


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