Why Massage Cupping Therapy May Be For You

Massage cupping gaining worldwide popularity

Massage cupping was first seen in ancient Chinese medical techniques. Its effective rejuvenation of the skin has brought it world popularity. Across the world, people are encountering a variety of medical drug-based and natural treatments, and this exposure prompts questions of effectiveness and also encourages us to define what they do. Massage cupping is a simple, effective and natural technique that offers numerous benefits. It has widespread acceptance across the world including Middle Eastern, European and Asian cultures since centuries and people have reported good results with this therapy. Massage cupping can be used in tandem with other therapies or alone. Either way, it offers very good results and many have enjoyed the comfort they have experienced after the massage cupping therapy. Massage Cupping is a method of using negative pressure and suction to loosen adhesions, drain excess toxins and fluids, and lift connective tissue. It promotes increased blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. It is a very natural technique that compliments the therapeutic benefits of several body treatments like massages.

How it works

The traditional massage cups are made of glass or bamboos with different sizes. A cotton ball soaked in alcohol is lit and the flame is kept briefly into the cup and thereafter the cup is immediately placed on the patient’s body. A negative pressure is created inside the cup by the flame as it uses air to stay lit, thereby creating a vacuum inside the cup. Due to this vacuum created, the cup slightly pulls the skin of the body towards it, sucking into it. This gives a very relaxing effect on the nervous system of the body, similar to that of an actual massage. If the suction is kept to be really strong, it creates an effect of the rolling action experienced in deep tissue massage. Movement is adjusted in different ways like draining and stimulating circular movements depending on the area and the kind of tissue. After a few minutes, the skin turns red which indicates that the suction has brought the blood circulation to the skin surface. The increased supply of blood benefits the skin and muscles and nourishes them and flushes out the toxins away through the circulatory system.

Purpose and treatment

After a massage cupping session you will experience a tingling sensation and deep warmth. It is a great alternative treatment for anyone who is seeking for massage therapy. Massage cupping may be for you if these problems persist:

  • headaches
  • muscle
  • tension neuralgia
  • anxiety,
  • high blood pressure
  • fatigue

Massage cupping especially works for tightness of the (IT) iliotibial band and chronic pain, spasm of middle to lower back. It does not have the discomfort associated with the deep tissue massage techniques, but it may be comparable as a treatment. Massage cupping may also be done at home!

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Hence massage cupping is one of the most effective yet easy and comfortable natural treatments available for a variety of problems as mentioned above. It can also be used in combination with other forms of massage therapies depending on the condition and requirement of the patient, giving a complimentary effect of therapies.    

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