Neck Pain Relief with Air Neck Traction

cartoon-man-neckpain-300pxMany common neck pains can cause a variety of problems including: neck spasms, chronic neck, arthritis, prolonged pinched nerves and stress. There are many methods to treat neck pain one of the most popular methods of treatment includes a traction device, which has proven to be very successful in relieving pain within the neck.

Have You Ever Suffered Unbearable Neck Pain?

After a car accident it is common for many people suffer from neck pain. These individuals usually are recommended to see a chiropractor to treat their symptoms. Neck pain is also caused by a poor posture or just a misalignment within the vertebrates located within the neck.
Some neck pain can be short term, but many people suffer from long term neck pain can feel the effects of a crippling ailment. So, what is so special about neck traction device and how can it help?

How Neck Traction Can Treat Neck Pain

This specific neck traction equipment can help relieve your neck pain. The cervical spinal region is the most problematic region found on the body and the practice of neck traction can be completed at home with the right equipment, done at anytime.
One of the best methods to practice is to use the ¨Air Neck Traction¨ method. This device can be used primarily at home for the relief of nasty neck pain. This affordable device uses air to stretch out the neck relieving any muscle spasms and pinched nerve pain you may be experiencing.

How Does ChiSoft Neck Traction Work?

Once placed around the neck area, this device uses air to lift the weight of your head while gently stretching your neck. This causes tight muscles to move outwards freely relieving any pinched nerves.
There are a couple of levels you can start with depending on your pain tolerance. As you proceed with the air neck traction device begin with one session daily and advance as your pain diminishes. When you begin to feel more comfortable, practice one session early in the morning when you wake up and one before going to bed. These are the best times for you to complete these neck exercises.

  • Session 1 – Practice one session per day as pain tolerate increases.
  • Session 2 – Begin to practice two sessions. First in the morning and the second, before going to bed.

The reason behind why we suggest using the air traction first thing in the morning is because you haven’t exercised any of these targeted pain muscle groups yet. This will help you get through the day without any neck pain. Before going to bed is also another great time to the Air neck traction device. You will be relaxing and relieving any nerve pressure within your neck you may have caused throughout the day. This will help prevent you from suffering any pain during the night.

ChiSoft Neck traction, Neck Traction Device

The 4-Layer ChiSoft Neck Traction device is used to relieve muscle pain and may allow your muscles and other neck tissue to adjust properly

Benefits of Using ChiSoft Neck Traction Unit

While traveling if you are prone to neck pain, it is a smart idea to bring along your the air neck traction device. Remember you are able to take your personal neck traction unit with you anywhere.

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