Cervical Traction Device to Manage Chronic Neck Pain

Are you suffering from a pinched nerve, compressed disc or bulging disc?

cartoon-man-neckpain-300pxFor the treatment of the chronic pain due to pinched nerve, compressed discs, cervical disc bulge etc. the cervical traction is one of the most popular physical therapy. Cervical traction means traction on the cervical or neck area to stimulate the nerves and cervical muscles.

Cervical traction is found to be effective over the past few centuries. To get cervical traction at home several devices are widely used. These cervical traction devices are used to attach at the cervical neck region for the traction of the neck. The result of such traction is usually the relief of pain and gain flexibility of the neck region.

Neck traction devices such as the ChiSoft Traction Device Line are is now widely used by the people affected with cervical pain.

How to Use Cervical Traction Device

The main function of such devices is to apply gentle support, which will be equally distributed around the cervical region. At the same time, controlling the pressure because the traction must not exceed the safe limit. For that reason different most cervical traction device are manual operated.

On the other hand the commercial cervical traction devices are advanced, controlled and safe device which can be used anywhere. In the market there are different cervical traction devices available, which are used in different ways.

Over the Door Traction Device Is Old And Clumsy

For example, over door cervical traction device with the water bag is a cervical traction device. It is actually the first form of the home cervical traction devices. It can be used as same as the home devices. An improved model is the ChiSoft cervical traction device that can be inflated with an air pump to provide a controlled powerful traction.

Inflatable Cervical Traction Device Easier, Safer and More Effective

Another device is the Chisoft cervical traction deluxe. This device is for an unparalleled traction of the cervical region. Similarly there are cervical traction posture pump, which is also used as neck stretcher.

This portable device is great in case of stiffness of the cervical region. Air cervical traction device is also found in the market, which are more comfortable and you can use this device while laying on the floor or other hard surfaces.Neck Pain

How to Choose a Suitable Cervical Traction Device

There are also overhead cervical traction systems available. Cervical traction system with foam roll, pronex cervical traction for posterior-anterior traction of the discs, cervical traction with clevis etc. These cervical traction devices are found in different names from different manufacturers. Some of them are like the overhead traction devices and others are like pneumatic devices. But these cervical traction devices are equally effective in handling the cervical pain.

For simple and effective home traction device, visit bodyfaceshop.com


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