Neck Exercises – How They Treat Neck Pain

cartoon-man-neckpain-300pxFor many neck pain is mainly caused by poor body posture. If you are prone to neck pain having a well designed exercise routine can help relieve your symptoms. Roughly 90% of all people will experience some form of neck pain during their daily lives.

Neck Pain Relief Without Using Drugs

Neck pain can be caused by such day to day tasks as: working at a desk for a long period of time, car accidents, or sleeping in an awkward position. Cervical exercises can target the central pain, providing relief without the use of painkillers. Below you will find exercises you can perform anywhere to provide much needed relief from your neck pain.

Recommended Neck Exercises

You will want to complete each neck exercise by doing 15 to 25 repetitions. Listen to your body, it will let you know if you should stop at 15 or continue on to 25. These neck exercises will help build stronger and healthier neck muscles. By adopting some or all of the following exercises into your daily routine you can greatly decrease your pain level, thus improving your quality of life.

Please keep in mind to always inhale and exhale gently as you perform each repetition.

1. Neck Extension
Move your head backwards until you are looking at the ceiling, remember to exhale. The motion backwards should be smooth and gradual. Hold this position for few seconds before returning to original position, looking forward. Inhale as you bring your head back to this original resting position. Only repeat this exercise five times as this exercise moves the joints in the neck to an extreme position.

2. Bridge Pose
For the bridge pose you will need to lay facing the ground. Get onto your elbows and toes, gently lifting your body, and holding your body horizontal to the ground. Hold this pose for 10 seconds and then return to resting position on the ground.  Complete this exercise 10 times during a session and you will start to build a stronger back from beck to tailbone. Start slowly, don’t rush through the movements. If you are not flexible enough, you may skip this exercise or perform Yoga to make your body more flexible.

3. Circular Stretches
Sitting facing forward slowly and gently rotate your head in a circular clockwise motion  for 15- 25 reps. Remember to listen to your body as the movement helps to relieve tension. Hold your chin to your chest for 5 seconds and then bring your head back to resting position facing forward. This exercise is great for relieving the discomfort of joints and stiff muscles in your neck.

Things to Consider Performing Neck Exercises

As always remember to perform any exercise with caution. If you experience intense pain discontinue exercise and consider applying heat and ice therapy. By performing each exercise in a slow fluid motion you will greatly increase the chances of pain free exercise. While exercising if you find an area of extra stiffness hold the position a little longer to benefit from extra stretching and strengthening.

After you’ve complete your neck exercises try stretching with a neck traction unit, this will help relax and remove any lingering tension along the nerves of your neck. Practice these exercises daily to speedup you recovery and get you back to optimal health  faster.

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