How Neck Traction Therapy Helps Your Neck

Do you have stiff neck muscle or experiencing pain in the neck all day? Then neck traction can help you.

cartoon-man-neckpain-300pxThe practice of neck traction can be done by a trained medical professional (chiropractor) or in the comfort of your own home. Proper neck traction is used to help restore the curvature structure of the neck by stretching and lessening the spinal pressure via muscle stretching.

What’s The Correct Way to Perform Neck Traction?

Neck Traction is used to treat patients who suffer from many misalignment issues. These patients need to be relieved of the pain associated with this form of pressure build up. This pressure can result in pinched nerve.

You may ask, “How can I practice a proper neck traction exercise to relieve neck muscle pain?” We explain some pointers down below.

How to Begin Proper Neck Traction?

By using the force applied in a pulling motion to the head and neck this device is used to relieve pressure within the vertebrates and tendons. To start a neck traction exercise you need to be in a curvature position, which is usually in an angle of 20-40 degrees.

It is recommended to stay in this position as long as possible. While relaxing the muscles surrounding your spine this allows the nerves to move without any interference. Having a poor neck position causes pressure in the cervical spine and also interferes with neck traction being successful.

Why Maintaining Good Curvature Position Is Important?

While relaxing in the correct curvature position an air neck traction device gently pulls your head upwards This will relieve the pain within the muscle of your neck. The pull sensation on your head and neck is held for about 1~3 minutes and then released gently relieving the pain once experienced in your neck.

By doing this a multiple times, you can start to feel the pressure melt away.

When the correct neck traction method is preformed you can feel an immediate relief of pain, allowing the nerves to move freely without any interruptions. Here are the steps you need to follow to prevent neck pain:

  • Maintain a good neck curve
  • Position your neck in a 20 – 40 degree angle.
  • Allow spinal nerves to move without pressure
  • Avoid causes of neck pain
  • Adopt a neck therapy

What Causes Chronic Neck Pain?

In most cases, neck pain is caused by a simple misalignment, stress building up within the neck muscles. The misalignment can be easily identified by a person’s posture. The posture of a patient can tell us a lot about where the pain is being created. Poor posture puts pressure on the nerves creating the loss of the neck curve, resulting in pain caused by a pinched nerve.

How An Inflatable Neck Traction Device Helps Prevent Neck Pain and Even Relieves the Pressure From Your Neck

Wearing an inflatable neck traction device can help correct your posture. Remember to keep a correct posture and apply a proper neck traction exercise to avoid any form of neck pain. Be aware of your posture you may catch yourself holding a poor posture here and there throughout the day.

Try to correct this bad habit and take frequent pauses when sitting for long periods of time. Stand up walk around a bit and also rotate your head around in a circular motion to stretch the muscles within your neck this will also relieve the possibility of tension buildup.

ChiSoft Neck traction, Neck Traction Device

The 4-Layer ChiSoft Neck Traction device is used to relieve muscle pain and may allow your muscles and other neck tissue to adjust properly

…and Even Helps Relieve the Pressure From Your Neck.

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