What You Should Know About Neck Surgery

cartoon-man-neckpain-300pxDealing with chronic neck pain can really create a massive problem for your body`s overall health. There are many ways of relieving pain with some quality neck exercises that can help relieve the pain. Some people turn to their doctors looking for pain relief medication and find out that medication is only a temporary solution to their neck problems.

Before You Choose the Neck Surgery

For individuals who are suffering with severe neck injuries, neck surgery might be the only way to resolving their neck troubles. So what are the most important facts you need to know about neck surgery before going under the knife?

Of course every surgery requires a good doctor to perform it. First, you want to start with finding a doctor your most comfortable with. Next find out as much information as you can about the doctor. The most important questions should be:

  • How the procedure is performed?
  • Are there any other forms of treatment to avoid surgery (epidural, physical therapy, medications)?
  • What are the risks of potential complications?

You should be asking your doctor everything you don’t understand about the procedure

Two Most Common Neck Surgeries Performed

  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy
    This neck surgery involves the surgeon to remove the tissue which is causing pressure on nerves. By removing material build up cause by a herniated disc will instantly relieve pain. The surgeon can create extra room allowing the nerve and skeletal structure to move freely without any pressure.
  • Anterior Cervical Disectomy with Fusion
    This neck surgery removes the pressure one the nerves. Similar to the one above surgery, this is when a bone graft is implanted and in some cases a metal plate holds spinal cord stable while the healing begins.

Before Going Under the Knife

Whether you decide to get the surgery or not you should always ask your doctor and see an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon before doing the surgery.necktraction_topimg02

Alternative Methods to Avoid Neck Surgery

The most important part of a possible neck surgery is to find out what type of methods or exercises you can use before going under the knife. Neck pain can be treated with multiple, non surgical methods. Consider a neck traction or neck exercises. You can try using a neck traction equipment at home. You will be surprised by how natural methods (without surgery) can help dissolve your neck pain.

Will The Right Neck Traction Equipment Help?

With the right neck traction equipment you can treat your neck pain anywhere, anytime of day and avoid neck surgery. By working with a specific neck traction unit, a chiropractor and with the help of your doctors prescribed medicine you can avoid any neck surgery. In conclusion, neck surgery should be your last resort. In some cases neck surgery might do more harm to your neck and cause lifelong damage.

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