Nine Ways to Find Joint Pain Relief – Most are in Your Home Right Now

ChiSoft-Man-Backpain 2If arthritis joint pain is getting you down it’s time to find relief by finding the right joint pain treatments for you. Arthritis pain affects nearly a third of Americans. For those suffering from arthritis finding relief from the pain can be very frustrating. Don’t worry you aren’t suffering alone, let’s take a closer look at joint pain treatments that could work for you.


The Surgeon General recommends it and so do we. Finding the right type of exercise for you can help you find relief from the stiff pain related to arthritis. Studies show that moderate-intensity, low-impact activities improve pain levels, increase function, lift moods, and improve quality of life all without and increase in symptom intensity. An activate adult may also delay disability onset by taking part in exercise. Great exercises for a person with arthritis include: range of motion, strength training, and aerobic activity. Please make sure to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.


You may find relief in over the counter and prescription drugs that help to reduce pain and inflammation. Over the counter NSAIDs such as Motrin or Advil are commonly used to treat various forms of joint pain. If over the counter medication don’t offer much needed relief it may be time for a visit to your doctor. Doctors tend to prescribe stronger anti-inflammatory prescription drugs such as Celebrex or Naproxen, which may be accompanied by various side effects. It is up to you to determine if the benefits outweigh the side effects.

Hot Bath

A simple, yet commonly overlooked arthritis joint pain treatment is a nice hot bath. For added pampering and relief add a little Epson salt. Don’t have time for a nice hot bath do to your crazy schedule, try a relaxing heat compress.


When treating a chronic ailment such as arthritis it is highly recommended to consult with a licensed massage therapist. A licensed massage therapist is trained to treat underlying health conditions, which a novice may not be aware of. Massage not properly preformed could result in greater joint pain. During your massage therapy session, keep an open line of communication regarding your pain level. After your session make sure to drink a lot of water to remove toxins from your body that were released during your massage. Ask your massage therapist about post massage ice/heat home therapies.arthritic_joints

Glucosamine and MSM Supplements

Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body and when taken as a supplement it helps repair joints, thus reducing pain. Supplements can be an excellent alternative to prescription medication. Supplements go directly to the cause of the disease, producing proteins which aid in repairing damaged connective tissue. Glucosamine combined with MSM, also a natural substance in the body, is believed to create the optimum natural joint pain treatment. MSM helps to maintain the elasticity of tissue and it is also a valuable pain reliever.


While treating in ailment, don’t over look the most obvious form of treatment, your diet. With arthritis often times diet is overlooked, but this can be detrimental to your quality of life. Foods are your first line of defense to arm your body with valuable nutrients. Did you know bananas help to lubricate joints and provide strength? Enjoying a fresh glass of carrot juice can strengthen muscles and ligaments, both of which support your joints.


There are many different rubs on the market that can be applied to the joints. If you shy away from over the counter pain ointments due to chemicals, there are some great natural home remedies. You can apply hot vinegar to the achey joint before bed for joint pain relief. You can also combine eucalyptus oil, camphor, and menthol to create a tingly rub to apply to your joints. A visit to your local whole foods store may also provide natural remedies for topical joint pain relief.

Don’t Forget Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This can’t be stressed enough. Your body is over 50% water, so don’t overlook the importance of a tall glass of water. The amount of water recommended, varies depending on the source, but here is a good rule of thumb. Take your body weight and divide it in half (example: 120 lbs/ 2= 60). Take that number and drink at least that in ounces of water each day (example: in this case 60oz of water daily). If you consume a liquid other that water: tea, coffee, soda, alcohol, etc. You will need to match the non water ounces with water. So if you drink 8 oz soda, you will need to drink an additional 8 oz of water that day. Water is the life line to good health, and drinking it helps to remove toxins that can cause joint pain.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to get the necessary pain relief. Omega 3 fatty oils, found in fish and supplements, are an important natural anti-inflammatory. Holistic pain relief may also be found in herbs such as ginger, rosemary, and turmeric. Supplements such as Arthrit-Eze can also provide relief.

There are many treatment options for arthritis joint pain relief. If one doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try another until you find success. Living pain free can be accomplished with a little bit of dedication. You can have the quality of life you want and deserve.

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