Aromatherapy For Better Sleep Really Works!

Did you know that essential oils can help you sleep better? You no longer need sleeping pills if you are suffering from insomnia. Here is the best sleeping solution you are looking for….

Insomnia Can Be Treated with Aromatherapy

A recent study has shown an alarming increase of insomnia among adults. About 15-25% of the total adult population suffers from sleeplessness. Medicines can be taken for this disorder, but if you are looking for something more effective, you can try aromatherapy treatment with essential oils.

No More Sleeping Pills, No Side Effects. Aromatherapy is your sleeping solution!spalite-woman-300px

Which Essential Oils Should You Use for Insomnia?

Some of the oils, which can be used for treating insomnia include:

  • Sandalwood oil
  • Hamomile
  • Marjoram
  • Patchouli
  • Neroli
  • ylang-ylang

Add a few drops of any of the above-mentioned oils to bath water and you can enjoy a relaxing bath.

If you want to use it for massage, you can use 12 drops of any of the essential oils in 100ml of carrier oil. A warm bath after a long and hectic day is a perfect way to relax. As the warmth spreads through the body, it will create a deep languor which will help to clear the mind and soothe the tension in the joints and strained muscles. You will feel tension gradually melting away from tired muscles.

Sleep Remedies with Aromatherapy Products

You will feel sleepy after soaking in essential oil filled water. You can also add drops of meadowsweet, hops and orange blossom oil in the water. Add 2 drops of each essential oil.

Or you can simply inhale them after putting a few drops on the pillow. As you lie down, your senses will be overwhelmed with a sense of calmness that comes from inhaling the orange blossom oil. Chamomile is known as a sedative oil and you can use it in the burner. The fumes will make you sleepy. You can even drink a cup of chamomile tea which will put your mind to rest.

If you want, you can mix passiflora, valerian, tinctures and skullcap in a dropper bottle. Keep the bottle close to the bed and you can take four to six drops in order to sleep well. You will experience faint drowsiness followed by a good night’s sleep.

Taking a bath in warm water can be the most effective way of curing insomnia. Adding a few drops of aromatherapy oil to the bath water can induce a good night’s sleep. You can add a drop of cinnamon, licorice, cardamom, clove and nutmeg oil to the water.wellness-285587_1280

Your Best Sleeping Solution with Aromatherapy Diffuser

After taking a relaxing bath, you can use the ChiSpa Aromatherapy Diffuser in your sleeping room. You will find that the aromatherapy diffuser is very effective sleep remedy.

Add Chamomile or Sandalwood oil into the aromatherapy diffuser and turn the power on. Once the diffuser is filled to capacity with water & oil, it will work for 5 hours. There is an auto-timer switch, which helps to regulate the amount of steam that will come out from the diffuser.

The product is digitally programmed so that it will stop after the water level falls below a minimum level. So need to worry about burning oils. Just enjoy your sleep for many hours.

There is a special nightlight with the diffuser which creates a feeling of serenity. People who are stressed out, have dry skin or are suffering from asthma and allergy reactions can benefit from this diffuser.

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