Aromatherapy For Stress Relief with Essential Oils

Stress impacts every area of our lives. It can hinder work performance, throw wedges into family life and even take a toll on our health.spalite-woman-300px

There are many ways to help alleviate stress, but many come with major time commitments or side effects.

Top Most Popular Stress Relieving Essential Oils

  1. Lavender
    This essential oil is synonymous with relaxation and soothing. It is a very popular oil and for good reason. This is very calming and it also has sedative effects so it can be helpful with stress-related insomnia. This oil does not have any special precautions either. This can be used for anxiety, depression, headache, stress and some types of pain.
  2. Rosemary
    This essential oil is known to be stimulating, refreshing and invigorating. This can be used as a massage oil (should be mixed with a carrier oil) or in an aromatherapy diffuser. This oil is often helpful for aching muscles, dandruff, exhaustion, muscle cramping, rheumatism, neuralgia, stress and arthritis. Those who are pregnant, have epilepsy and have high blood pressure should avoid this oil.
  3. Geranium
    Geranium is calming and relaxing. This essential oil is helpful for acne, dull skin, menopause and stress. If you have very sensitive skin, this should be avoided as dermatitis could occur. Those with high blood pressure should also avoid this oil.
  4. Chamomile
    Chamomile is a very common essential oil. Those who have sensitive skin could experience dermatitis. This calming and mildly sedating oil is very effective for stress. It may also be helpful for arthritis, headache, insomnia, nausea, strains and sprains, and neuralgia and rheumatism.
  5. Clary Sage
    This is an essential oil that we do not hear about everyday. It has a very bright and earthy scent. This can help to enhance the mood and alleviate tension, while promoting a calmness. There are no special precautions with this oils, so anyone can really use it when stress strikes. This can be helpful for asthma, menstruation problems, exhaustion, labor pains, stress, sore throat, coughing and gas.
  6. Sandalwood
    This is a very versatile essential oil. In terms of stress, it helps to instill inner peace, as well as calm the mind and body. This oil can be helpful for bronchitis, depression, sensitive skin and stress. There are no special precautions with this oil.
  7. Juniper Berry
    This is a soothing and calming essential oil. It can be used for stress, acne, rheumatism and toxin buildup. It is able to alleviate stress without causing sedative effects. This means that it can be used any time of the day, even at work, when you are starting to feel stress and tense. Those with kidney
    problems and those who are pregnant should not use this oil.
  8. Sweet Marjoram
    This is a very warming and comforting essential oil. This has sedative effects to help relieve stress, as well as help you sleep when stress is preventing it. This oil is helpful for aching muscles, coughing, ticks, strains and sprains, muscle cramps, neuralgia, stress and rheumatism. This should not be used during pregnancy.


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