How You Can Get HGH?

There is no doubt HGH is a boon to health. There is just one major problem with HGH therapy: It is extremely expensive, about $10,000 a month. Moreover, doctors can only prescribe the hormone for people who are tested and found to be deficient in it.

There are HGH supplements available in the market such as HGH capsules, HGH powders, and HGH cream. Unfortunately, these HGH supplements do not provide “actual” HGH.

The only way receive Human Growth Hormone into your body is by having a HGH injection. It’s important to know that these injections come with side-effects such as swollen feet, fever and more.

Alternative Ways of HGH injectionInjection Syringe

Fortunately, injecting HGH is not the only way you can get more of the hormone into your body. Here are two approaches that almost always work:

Do Really Strenuous Exercises

This isn’t taking a quick walk around the block. This is lifting the heaviest weights you can in a disciplined weight training program.

Eat a High-Protein Diet

More people can stick to this approach. HGH levels go up when the diet is high in protein. The increases in HGH aren’t as great as obtained by injecting the hormone, but they can still greatly improve health.

Two amino acids also stimulate the production of HGH. Arginine, which is particulary abundant in chicken and turkey, “turns on” HGH production and “turns off” somatostatins that block its action.

If you are vegetarian, take 2 to 5 grams of arginine on an empty stomach an hour before exercise or an hour before bedtime. Glutamine is another amino acid that helps maintain muscles during times of stress. It also promotes a healthy immune system. A study at the College of Medicine of Louisiana State University found that taking just 2 grams of glutamine at bedtime can make HGH levels 4 times higher.

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