Massage Therapy an Alternative to Prescription Drugs

chisoft-cartoon-300pxSome conditions or injuries will require the use of mainstream treatments including prescription drugs. However, there are many conditions and injuries that could significantly benefit from therapeutic massage therapy. What was once called “quackery” has now become an accepted form of treatment for pain and the relief of muscle tension.

How Therapeutic Massage Relieves Pain

Therapeutic massage will relax the mind and body. This relieves stress, tension, pain, and assists the body in going within itself to find the resources necessary for healing. There are many benefits to professional massage therapy. Let’s have a look at some of those benefits.

Pain Relief

One of the main reasons for taking prescription drugs is for pain relief. Many studies have confirmed massage therapy offers significant relief. One Ohio study showed how massage significantly reduced the pain of cancer patients. Whether you have serious pain, chronic pain, muscle tension, or muscle strain a massage can bring significant pain relief.

It’s believed the rubbing motion of massage interferes with the pain signals going to the brain. It’s called the “gate control theory.” Pain impulses connect to the spinal cord and then travel ups the spinal cord to the brain. These impulses are not as readily able to reach the brain because the massage blocks the signal.

Massage also stimulates the production and release of endorphins, which are the body’s own morphine like substance, a very strong pain reliever. Massage is especially good for reducing and eliminating pain of the back, head, shoulders, and necks.

Range of Motion

Yet another benefit from massage is an increase in range of motion. By working the injured muscles and providing pain relief the person can restore range of motion.


Quite simply massage therapy is relaxing reducing anxiety, and stress. When a person is less anxious it allows the body to feel less stressed. When you are less stressed you are likely to heal faster and have a reduction in pain.stockxpertcom_id12602111_size0

Blood Cell Activity

You may be surprised to learn that massage therapy is so powerful it actually increases blood cell activity. A study done by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey was responsible for the study on therapeutic massage. It appears massage can have a significant benefit on the immune system.

Increase in Alertness

Interestingly, while massage relaxes it also increases ones alertness. This is quite the opposite of most prescription drugs, where decreased alertness is a common side effect.

There are many benefits to massage therapy and mainstream medicine is beginning recognize that massage should play a role in recovery. Massage can simply relieve the stress of a far too busy week or it can relieve the pain from a serious injury.

Instead of taking prescription drugs, which can have serious side effects and even be addicting, why not opt for massage therapy and let your body begin to heal itself by stimulating the flow of oxygen and blood. Massage is a powerful therapy that is too often overlooked. Relax, and begin to heal the mind, body, and soul.

You can only fully understand what massage can do for you once you’ve tried it. Talk to your physician about massage therapy and whether it’s right for you.

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