What Is Cellulite Exactly And How To Reduce It?

Tens of millions of women around the world are troubled by cellulite?

Many of them diet hard to try to lose the fat they believe is causing the little bumps beneath their skin. These diets never work. That’s because cellulite is not fat. It is water.

Healthy skin always has at least a little fat in layers beneath it. This fat buffers the tissues beneath the skin and gives the skin its normal curves.


Did You Know That Cellulite Between Women and Man Is Different?

In women, however, fat cells develop chambers that stand up straight. If you pinch the skin over this layer of fat in men, it quickly returns to its normal texture. If you pinch the skin over this layer of fat in women, it tends to stay in its “pinched” configuration. This anatomical difference is part of the bigger pattern of skin and connective tissue differences that allow a woman’s body to become looser to accommodate childbirth.

Cellulite occurs when the fat chambers—not the fat itself—are so tough that they loose any flexibility. If they are pinched, they stand up perfectly straight and look like little bumps. Completely removing this fat, of course, removes cellulite. But helping the chambers develop flexibility so that they do not “stand at attention” all the time also removes cellulite.

Secrets of Herbs for Cellulite Reduction

stockxpertcom_id503578_size0Certain herbs, like Centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola, help break down the proteins that make these fat chambers excessively rigid. Once the active components of the herb reach the fat chambers, they relax, and cellulite disappears. This is much simpler than surgery and much more effective than dieting.

Reduce Cellulite with Ultrasound Machine

So now you know why men do you get cellulite, and why plastic surgeons rip fat away from the tissues it protects in order to relieve cellulite. It is true that reshaping the fat underlying the skin can relieve pressure on the skin so that the tiny bumps of cellulite under the skin are no longer visible.

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