Causes of Snoring and Natural Remedies to Treat it

Snoring occurs because our breathing during sleep is obstructed in some way. In some cases, our anatomy leads to snoring, but in other cases, it is due to a potentially serious medical condition. It is important to know the causes and the best ways to get snoring under control. There are plenty of natural things that can often help to alleviate snoring, or in some cases, relieve it completely.


What are Some Common Causes of Snoring?

The anatomy of the mouth can cause snoring. If your soft palate it thick and low, or if your adenoids or tonsils are enlarged, this causes the airway to be narrowed. An elongated uvula ā€“ best known as the hangy ball in the back of the mouth ā€“ can have the same effect. When air has trouble getting through the narrowed airway, snoring can result.

Being overweight can contribute to this nighttime problem.This may sound odd, but when someone is carrying extra weight, this can build up in the throat.Then, like abnormal mouth anatomy, result in the airway being narrower than it should be.

Nasal problems, such as a deviated nasal septum or chronic nasal congestion can cause snoring. Allergies and the common cold can also play a role by contributing to congestion.

If too much alcohol is consumed before you head to bed, you could end up snoring. This is due to our natural defenses that battle airway obstruction being decreased due to alcohol relaxing the throat muscles.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which snoring occurs. This is due to the tissues in the throat obstructing the airway. Not only can this cause snoring, but it can also prevent you from being able to breathe.

Natural Ways to Help Reduce Snoring

Singing is a very natural and fun way to help keep snoring at bay. Singing is very effective in improving the upper throat and soft palate muscle control. Studies on this have shown that those who sing for at least 20 minutes a day will experience a gradual decrease in snoring.

How you sleep can play a major role in snoring. Those who sleep on their back have an increased risk of snoring as this causes the soft palate and the tongue to end up on the throat’s back wall. This results in a vibrating sound when sleeping. This can easily be remedied by sleeping on your side.

Creating a regular sleeping schedule can help to prevent snoring. If we constantly do not get enough sleep, this results in being overtired once we finally do hit the hay. Being overtired can result in the muscles being floppier due to sleeping harder and deeper.

Keeping the nasal passages open is important as the air flow will be slower. The slower the air flow, the less likely snoring will occur. Knocking out congestion is very important. A hot shower helps, as the steam can help to open things up. Saltwater nasal rinses are also beneficial. There are also nasal strips available that help to hold the nose open.

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