Herbal Menstrual Pain Remedies

Did you know that herbal remedies could provide a natural way for treating menstrual cramp pain? Yes, herbal remedies can help you be happier and more productive during that time of the month.


Find out how herbs can help relieve your menstrual pain and inflammation.
Which herbs can I use for menstrual pain?

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is commonly used to relieve menstrual symptoms, including intense cramping. This herb works for pain, inflammation and muscle spasms, so it is a well-rounded choice for menstrual pain. You usually take this in extract form added to water or your favorite drink.


Chasteberry is a fruit of the chaste tree that is used to balance your hormones. It can help many symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menstruation, including cramping. In general, you would take it in extract form like black cohosh.

Guelder Rose

Guelder rose is known as “cramp bark” because it is widely used for menstrual cramping. Like black cohosh, Guelder rose eases muscle spasms to relieve the pain of menstrual cramping. This herb is generally taken in tea form.

Additional Herbal Varieties

Some other herbs to try are ginger, turmeric, oregano and garlic, which all fight against inflammation that is a part of menstrual pain. Passion flower, dong quai and wild yam are other choices often used for menstrual cramps.stockxpertcom_id1498881_size0

How to Take Herbs

Medicinal herbs can be taken in various ways. You can purchase herbs in supplement or extract form, and simply follow the directions on the package. Herbs also come in tea form or you can make your own tea by steeping or simmering the loose herbs in hot water.



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