Massage cupping Therapy Explained

Massage cupping therapy is a very old technique that has been brought over to the Western world from China. This ancient technique has been proving its effectiveness for thousands of years. It is a very simple treatment which likely makes many skeptical about how helpful it can be. However, the simplicity is what helps to make it so very beneficial.


Which Conditions Can Benefit from Massage Cupping Therapy?

The list of issues this can treat really is quite endless. The following are some of the most common reasons that people turn to this therapy:

  1. Headache
    2. Muscle and joint pain
    3. Sexual disorders
    4. Hypertension
    5. Bed wetting
    6. Insomnia
    7. Fever
    8. Diarrhea
    9. Asthma
    10. Back pain
    11. Infertility
    12. Rheumatic diseases
    13. Breast enhancement
    14. Flu and common colds
    15. Stroke
    16. Constipation
    17. Chest pain
    18. Blood disorders

How Does Massage Cupping Therapy Deliver Its Benefits?

This technique works to stimulate different parts of the body. A trained professional will know exactly where to place the cups to deliver the desired results. This therapy works for so many conditions by using negative pressure and suctioning. The combination of negative pressure and suctioning are capable of the following:
· Draining toxins
· Draining excess fluid
· Lifting connective tissue
· Releasing rigid soft tissue
· Loosening adhesions
· Sending blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin

How is Massage Cupping Therapy Performed?

This is a very simple process. A therapist will take the round, plastic bulb and place it on the inflicted area. A handle is pulled to create a vacuum. In most cases, the suction cups are only in place for five to ten minutes. The vacuum action works to stretch the skin to loosen muscles, carry nutrients to the inflicted area and draw blood to the area.
As the cups are in place, massage is performed around the cups. This further encourages the benefits and increases the action of the therapy.
Should Any Aftercare Occur After Massage Cupping Therapy?
For about six hours following a treatment, there are a few things that should be avoided. These include cold weather, strenuous activity and hot environments. It is also important to drink plenty of water to encourage further cleansing.

Who Should Avoid Massage Cupping Therapy?

There are some things that will exclude a person from getting this therapy. Things like liver failure, pregnancy and ruptured spinal discs will prevent this therapy from being used. Also, these cups will not be placed on areas where skin integrity is compromised or at the site of an acute injury.

Are There Any Side Effects with Massage Cupping Therapy?

Sore skin and bruising are not uncommon with this therapy. These will go away in a relatively short period of time.. There will also be circular discoloration at the site of each suction cup. This is both an expected and wanted effect. This shows that the treatment was successful. The discoloration will go away and while it does look painful, it is not.

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