Why Drugs And Therapy Have Limited Benefits For Chronic Neck Pain

When you suffer from a pain in the neck, it’s usually caused by injury, age, or a lifetime of bad posture.


And to remedy a bad neck, Western medicine often prescribes the usual combination of drugs and therapy. And it can get quite expensive.

What’s worse, expensive drugs and therapy often only give temporary relief from neck pain. That’s because they mostly address only the symptoms of the problem, and not the ROOT of the problem.

So what will it take to totally get rid of chronic neck pain?

What Eastern Medicine Knows

That Western Medicine Doesn’t Know

Here’s a fact: The body has the natural ability to heal itself.

It’s true! And neck pain is no exception. Given the right conditions, the body can heal pinched nerves, herniated discs, and other pain-causing problems in the neck.

But here’s the problem: Most of us sabotage the body’s natural healing processes. A bad diet, the lack of exercise, and the lack of sleep throws off the body’s natural balance. And as a result, the body can’t heal itself, and the pain gets worse and worse.

Is there any way to restore the body’s natural healing ability… without having to undergo drastic, stressful lifestyle changes?

Fortunately, the answer is “yes…”

A 2,000-Year Old Healing Secret

That Cures Chronic Neck Pain… And Much, Much More

Asia has been using this powerful healing method for centuries. Germany trusts it enough to have it covered by its health insurance companies. And healers in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and India have passed down its secrets from generation to generation.

This powerful healing method is called “magnet therapy.”

>> Magnet therapy uses magnetism to restore the body’s natural balance, letting it slowly and steadily heal wounds, relieve pain, and improve overall health. Scientific studies have confirmed these findings, in addition to improving blood flow and reducing the damaging effects of inflammation.

Magnet therapy works by stimulating the iron in red blood cells. As a result, these red blood cells activate and use up more oxygen, speeding up the healing process where magnet therapy is applied.

It’s no wonder that this little piece of Eastern medicine is getting more and more popular in Western cultures. It’s cheaper and more effective than drugs and therapy, especially as the costs of traditional medicine keep increasing with time.

How To Cure Chronic Neck Pain


With The Blessings Of Magnet Therapy

Now, ChiActivate has invented a device that combines the best of both Eastern and Western medicine to treat, and even cure, chronic neck pain completely.

It’s the ChiSoftII Neck Traction Device w/ Magnet, and it’s what your aching neck has been waiting for!

By gently stretching your neck bones without stretching your neck muscles, and giving your neck a healthy dose of magnet therapy, the ChiSoftII Neck Traction Device encourages the flow of more oxygen, nutrients, and pain-killing endorphins to the root cause of your neck pain problems.

And yes, you can enjoy ChiSoftII’s healing benefits right in the comforts of your own home!

As long as your neck is not severely injured, and as long as you don’t use a pacemaker, the ChiSoftII Neck Traction Device w/ Magnet is the best solution for your chronic neck pain problems.

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Amazing Neck Traction Device 

You can very own device delivered to your doorstep within the next few weeks. Shipping is free!

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