Back Pain Relief Tips

More and more people are suffering from back pain. Back pain can be located in the neck (Cervical), back (Thoracic) and lower back (Lumber/Pelvic). In addition, we can categorize back pain in terms of duration as well. Back pain lasting less than a month is termed Acute, while pain that lasts from 1-3 months is called Sub-Acute. Anything pain last more than 3 months is Chronic. The following are just some tips/advice that we would like to tell you about.


Tip 1: Pain-Killers aren’t the answer

For some, pain-killers provide a temporary relief for their pain so that they can get back to doing what they enjoy. However, pain-killers are not a long-term solution. As you may know, pain is simply a signal sent to the brain, letting you know that something isn’t right in your body and you need to give attention to it immediately. Pain-killers simply act to block these signals to the brain so that you don’t feel pain. So in fact, it simply masks the pain while the problem gets worse.

Tip 2: Finding the right mattress

Instead of spending hundreds on a ‘orthopedic bed’ or brand-name mattress, go to your local foam-rubber company to cut you a 6-inch thick, extra-firm mattress. This will work as well as any ‘corrective’ mattresses. Don’t forget to consider your weight. What works for a 45 kg individual will definitely not work for a 80 kg individual. (Note: Some people simply choose to sleep on the floor instead. This is not recommended as getting up and down on the floor can cause further pain in the long-run. As well, even with carpeting, you won’t get the proper firmness)

Tip 3: Don’t do Sit-ups

Avoid exercises that will aggravate your back problems. Sit-ups for example are meant to build up your abdominal muscles, but in fact they actually are working more of your hip-flexors. Your hip-flexors are connected to your lower to the vertebrae of your lower back, so if you are having lower back problems, doing sit-ups are just going to make things worst. We suggest you do abdominal crunches using leg raises. Simply raise your legs while lying flat and raise them towards the ceiling while keeping your legs straight. You get an excellent lower abdominal workout without involving your back (Note: don’t forget to use a exercise mat with the proper firmness. As well, if your bed is of proper firmness, you can also do it on top of your bed instead of lying on the floor)

Tip 4: Use heat to relieve painstockxpertcom_id12602111_size0

It is a well know fact that heat is an excellent, natural method of healing your back. Heat is used to increase blood flow, which decreases stiffness and relaxes sore muscles. If you’re sitting at your desk for a few hours a day, you might want to consider investing in a Chiondo heating pad. Unlike a regular heating pad, the Chiondo heating pad is packed with a special fine-grained silt/clay, which emits far-infrared (FIR) energy once it is heated up. FIR energy produces heat more efficiently as well as is more effective in relieving pain, as it penetrates deeper into your skin.

To find out more about this innovative back pain relieving device go to Body Face Shop 

Remember to always consult your physician and/or chiropractor as soon as possible to determine the exact cause and severity.

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