Get Slim Body By Squeezing Fruit And Veggies Into Your Meals

Here, the goal isn’t just to slim down — the goal is also to be healthy. And when you squeeze enough fruit and vegetables into your diet, you’ll hit both goals with one shot! Here are some creative ways you can squeeze in more fruit and vegetables into your meals.


Squeezing Fruit And Veggies Into Breakfast

Are you a pancake/waffle person? Then try substituting half the batter with pureed peaches or apples, then sprinkle the finished product with blueberries. These fruity pancakes are lower in calories than the usual, and you get a good dose of antioxidants, too.

Like a glass of juice in the morning? Try switching with smoothies on certain days. You get to use fresh fruit and vegetables, and you get to cut down on health-sapping sugar. What’s more, if you need more protein, adding an egg or two to certain smoothie recipes won’t affect the taste.

Squeezing Fruit And Veggies Into Lunch

Our rule for lunch and dinner is this — always have a salad on the side. But you can make a good thing even better by substituting baby spinach for your Romaine lettuce — more B-vitamins that way!

When it comes to dessert, it’s always a good idea to fix yourself a fruit smoothie. That way you take in some extra fruit instead of the usual sugar-laden ice cream.

Squeezing Fruit And Veggies Into Dinner

One of the most common items on the dinner menu is meatloaf, and you can squeeze in some vegetables into the mix by substituting half the breadcrumbs with chopped/shredded zucchini, spinach, or carrots. You wouldn’t notice the difference.

Spaghetti, another dinner favorite, can be improved by turning the marinara sauce into a primavera sauce, simply by adding chopped bell peppers and minced garlic to the mix. Another tip: If you use spaghetti squash instead of white spaghetti, you score even more veggie points.


Snacking On Fruits And Veggies

Between-meal snacks can make you feel less guilty if you snack on fruits and vegetables. Try having vegetables sticks (cucumber and carrots are perennial favorites) with a tasty low-calorie dip, or simply help yourself to a pack of dried fruit.

Need an antioxidant boost? Have a handful of blueberries and almonds, and then wash it all down with a cup of green or white tea. If you’re not a tea person, the sweetness of blueberries should help you grow a liking to the taste of tea.

And that’s it four our “quick tips” post of the day. What about you? What do you do to squeeze in more fruit and vegetables into your day? Let us know in the comments box below!

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