Is Pregnancy Massage Alright?

Most moms-to-be find themselves uncomfortable at various times. Pregnancy adds stress on the body and that’s just one reason pregnancy massage is so much enjoyed. Some women are uncomfortable with a fully massage but a simple foot massage can be a real treat too.


What You Can Expect

First all relax. You can expect to feel invigorated, energized, and relaxed when you are done having your pregnancy massage. There are different positions for you to enjoy your pregnancy massage. You can lie on your belly if you aren’t too far along, or if you have the pregnancy pillow that’s designed so that pregnant mom’s at any stage of pregnancy. You can also lie on either side. Lying on your back is another option but it is not recommended after the 22 weeks.

Add a Little Foot Massage Too You should not feel any pain during your massage. If you do it’s important to tell the massage therapist. Your massage can be anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour depending on the time booked and how you are feeling. Relax pregnancy massage is safe and enjoyable. Of course you should always check with your doctor first.

After your massage if you’ve got a little extra time why not treat yourself to a foot massage. Your feet will love you for it.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

The way you feel will be enough to make you book another pregnancy massage. But there are so many other benefits for you and baby. The University of Miami School of Medicine did a study that showed there was actually a reduction of the stress hormone in the body, which can nurture the baby.

As your pregnancy progresses it’s common to develop aches and pain. A trained prenatal massage therapist understands where the sore spots are likely to be on your body and he/she is trained to address those spots without creating extra pressure or pain.

Your baby will also benefit because the pregnancy massage increases blood flow to the fetus, placenta, and uterus. Massage will also improve your lymph flow, which means toxins can be more easily removed from the body. The additional oxygen flow through the blood is good for baby and mom.articles_topimg12

Is Pregnancy Massage Right for You?

Massage while pregnant is almost always safe, but you should check with your doctor. You should also tell your massage therapist if there have been any complications or problems during your pregnancy. They need to know. There are some situations where you should not have a massage, instead settle for a relaxing foot massage. Those situations are:

  • If you are ill
  • If you have any discharge
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have unusual pain
  • If there is fever
  • If you have abdominal pain
  • If you are suffering from morning sickness
  • If you have high blood pressure
  • If you are pre-eclampsia

You should never have pressure applied between the heel and ankle bone since this is considered to be related to the vagina and uterus by reflexologists. Pressure in this area could cause labor.

A massage while pregnant is something you should enjoy. Even just one massage during your entire pregnancy is something you soon won’t forget.


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