Red Light Acne Treatment, A new skin care discovery?

You’ve got to agree- acne is one of those skin conditions that really scare us. Though all skin conditions are bad, but acne just happens naturally and most of the time we don’t have any control over it, and this is what scares me the most.

Too much secretion of oil, plus a buildup of dead skin cells leads to acne formation. Many times this acne appears to be mild. But if the infection is severe, you may have permanent scarring. This dilemma is common to all age groups, ranging from adolescents to adults.

If you visit a doctor, I bet the first treatment that he will suggest is antibiotics- topical or systematic. This treatment could lead to resistance and a rapid mutation of bacteria. But no cause for worries, as there is non-antibiotic treatment as well.


 Red Light Acne Treatment Described

Red light acne treatment is a new discovery for the cure of acne and other similar problems.

With a wavelength of 660 nm, the red light acne treatment gives off a red shade- and thus the name. This red light particularly focuses on the bacteria-caused inflammation. The red light acne treatment goes deep down into the skin, but does not damage the surface. The outcome is remarkable:

  • Improved skin texture
  • Reduced possibility of scarring
  • Enhanced beautiful skin

Cells and Bacteria in Action for Red Light Acne Treatment- A Medical Insight

Cells produce an energy called adenosine triphospate. Under the red light acne treatment, this energy experiences a stimulus.

The red light for acne treatment contains non-inflammatory properties thereby stimulating the production of cytokines out of macrophages. The cytokines motivate release of fibroblast. This increase makes way to growth among other factors that can impact in the following:

  • Inflammatory process
  • Healing
  • Wound repair

All You Need to Know About Red Light Acne Treatment

The red light acne treatment consists of 8 sessions every month. Each session lasts about 15 minutes with direct exposure to red light or blue light- sometimes both. Red light acne treatment can be done under medical supervision or can be performed at home by the patients themselves.

Patients can choose to buy the products and do it themselves. But to ensure safety, consult your physician.

There can be side effects under red light acne treatment. Some of them are:stockxpertcom_id12509361_size0

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pigment changes
  • Dryness of skin

Depending on your skin type, results may vary and some may remain unresponsive to the treatment. I got great results, so I would recommend trying it, in case you have pimples or acne.

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