How To Do Home Microdermabrasion (Micro Dermabrasion 2/3)

Do you love to pamper your skin? If you do, then a home microdermabrasion kit is highly recommended as it is suitable for anyone who wants to have soft and beautiful skin. Microdermabrasion kits used to be created just for skin care experts, but now there are home microdermabrasion kits available at different prices along with their varying quality. So you have many options in microdermabrasion.


I had a home microdermabrasion treatment during a lunch break and amazingly there was no recovery time needed. Usually a home dermabrasion kit consists of the following:

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Microcrystal creams
  • Rejuvenating lotions
  • A delicate and fine exfoliating hand piece
  • Foam applicators

While most home dermabrasion kits have the above contents, some kits only have microcrystal creams, a piece of exfoliating cloth and some repairing lotions.

The Mighty Heroes of a Home Dermabrasion Kit

Needle roller detail

Fyola LED Photon Derma Roller -BodyFaceShop

Armed with tools that once used to be available in only salons or spas or maybe the doctor’s clinic, home dermabrasion kits astonishingly enhance and improve your skin. Microcrystals bring the magic of polishing and exfoliating the dead cells of your skin’s outer surface. Aside from dead skin cells, home dermabrasion also removes oil deposits and all other types of debris.

Now the mighty hand-held wands come into action along with foam applicators. They are perfectly designed to give you comfort.

The wand gently pushes the microcrystals deep into your skin, acting on the outermost layer, which contains dead skin cells and other contaminants. But that’s not all- this hand piece offers more benefits:

  • It stimulates blood flow.
  • It rejuvenates skin cells- rapidly done through therapeutic tissue massage.
  • It presents customized power levels, featured creams and flexible attachments.

The Magnificent Features of a Home Dermabrasion Kit

Home dermabrasion kits are made available in a variety of shapes and sizes. One thing is common to each kit- the deep cleansing exfoliating microcrystal creams. This technology frees you from the inconvenience as well as the risks brought by lasers and other related surgeries. 

The Reasonable Cost of a Home Dermabrasion Kit

A home dermabrasion system is considered the cheapest treatment compared to surgeries. Though the treatment may not have some contents that other systems contain, you still get to enjoy the microcrystal creams. And there are other inclusions such as foam applicators, replenishing lotion and more. So getting a home dermabrasion kit gives you not just a great buy but also terrific skin.

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