Turn Your Desk Into A Gym

When it comes to NOT going to the gym, the most common excuse from cubicle workers is this: “I don’t have time for gym. There’s too much work!” Well, let’s change that, shall we? Here are 4 tips you can use to turn your desk into a gym, getting into shape and getting more work done at the same time!


Tip #1 – Work On Your Feet.

Got a high counter you can work on? Put your laptop there and get to work. Standing helps you burn a few calories, and since the heart beats faster, more blood reaches your brain and you’re able to concentrate more easily. That means less hours on Facebook, more hours getting work done!

Some people are lucky enough to have customizable cubicles. You can set a surface at a comfortable standing level (40-45 inches should do it). If your lateral filing cabinet is higher than your desk surface, you can use that, too.

Tip #2 – Invest In A Treadmill Desk

This one’s probably only for home offices, but you might be able to pull some strings in upper management and have some of these put in the employee lounge. Treadmill desks are basically treadmills with desks straddling the conveyor. So instead of just standing while working, now you can actually WALK while working!

Treadmill desks don’t only burn extra calories, but it also helps you get into a faster-paced rhythm at work. That means you get a lot more work done as you log in the miles!the-22403_640

Also, if you have a pedaling machine at home, you can do the same thing and have a desk built on it. Now you can log in a mile or two while clearing your inbox in the morning.

Tip #3 – Drink More Water.

Divide your weight in pounds by 16. That’s the number of eight-ounce glasses of water you’ll need to drink in a day. Surprisingly, very few of us actually drink enough water. Water is extremely important — it keeps you hydrated, it helps you burn more calories, and it prevents the onset of medical conditions like kidney stones.

Drinking enough water also helps you take more bathroom breaks. Simply getting up from your desk is already a good thing, and trooping to the bathroom and back will burn you an extra bunch of calories.

Tip #4 – Take More Walks.

Try taking two 10-30 minute walks every workday — once at lunch and another walk in the afternoon. Your boss may see this as counter-productive, but you’ll prove them wrong later when you come back with a welcome boost of productivity.

Now that you’re getting more work done, in a week or so you’ll have freed up enough time to go to the gym. How about that? Put these tips into action and start getting into shape!
What about you? How do YOU squeeze in some exercise during the workday? Let us know below!

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