Permanent Facial Hair Removal – The Technique

What is permanent facial hair removal all about, and how do they do it? There are so many hair removal methods available such as hair removal creams, wax, but they really work? What permanent facial hair removal methods are there available?


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There are so many hair removal methods available- there are hair removal creams, wax, and various tools… but then, no matter what we do, hair grows again, and we have to repeat the process. Sometimes it feels like a burden. I wish there were some way that could remove the unwanted hair for good.

I know almost everyone knows about permanent facial hair removal. But yet, not everybody gets it done. Let’s discuss some basics about permanent facial hair removal methods.

Electrolysis for hair removal

It involves the insertion of a fine needle in the hair follicle, and delivering current to the roots. This burns the hair root, and thus it is unable to produce hair. In this procedure, each root is burnt individually, and so it is a slow procedure. It may take several sittings to completely remove hair from a given area. This might even take up to 2 years. Plus there can be some side effects like infection and pain.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is not exactly permanent, plus it does not work on everybody. Laser emits light of different pulse widths, energy outputs and wavelengths. Settings are selected according to your skin. This technique detects melanin to destroy the structures that contain the most melanin.

So it is obvious that it works best on people who have light sin and dark hair. Apart from that, laser just retards the growth of hair, so the procedure must be repeated after some time.

If you really want to get these hair removal techniques, you must consult your dermatologist. There is a reason why even major celebrities do not go for this technique. These methods are either slow, or they are not as effective. So you might just want to stick to waxing for the time being- like me. But in case you do want to go for these methods, consult your dermatologist.

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