Armpit lump – Facts You Should NOT know About

An armpit lump can cause worries. Discovering a lump under your armpit can bring all sorts of thoughts in your mind. But all armpit lumps are not cancerous. In fact, most of them are just caused by some infections. How? Let’s see…

When one lymph node under your arm is enlarged, an armpit lump develops.

There might be no cause of worry- an armpit lump may be harmless, and require no treatment at all! Here are some instances. An armpit lump can be due to:

  • a viral infection – disappears by itself
  • an allergic reaction – fades away when the trigger is gone
  • normal breast tissue – vanishes in time

Lipoma, another cause of armpit lump, is also harmless unless it gets huge, causing discomfort. Other causes of armpit lump include bacterial infection, cancer, fungal viral infection and vaccinations.


Thoughts about Armpit Lump

As previously mentioned, an armpit lump has several causes. One of the most serious causes is cancer. A woman who finds that she has an armpit lump needs to consult a doctor right away.

Though it might be nothing serious, but keep in mind that it can also be sign of breast cancer. A doctor’s advice is very important.

If you shave or use antiperspirants, a lump may develop caused by cysts and infections. You may also have an armpit lump through abscesses found beneath the skin.

I have learned that lymph nodes filter and protect the body from infectious organisms as well as cancerous tumor cells. As this happens, lymph nodes become bigger and can easily be felt- causing an armpit lump.

Home Care and Medical Assistance for Armpit Lump

You should consult a medical professional when you observe an armpit lump. Do not take the lump for granted. Yes, it may be harmless but it’s best to be safe than sorry. If you intend to do home care, be sure that you check your procedures with your physician before treating yourself. Home care differs for every cause of the armpit lump.

Visit to the Doctor

A visit to the doctor is highly recommended, this is especially true since your doctor would know the cause of the armpit lump. Therefore he knows what to do in your case. It is expected that you will go through a physical examination. You will be asked about a few things such as medical history and some signs/symptoms you had.

Some possible inquiries include:stockxpertcom_id248347_jpg_6ae5cc632a8708efcd3188081a7df3ef

  • the time you first noticed the lump
  • the condition of the lump – better? worse? remains the same?
  • factors that might have triggered the lump
  • pain
  • other symptoms

With most chances being towards just a minor infection, contacting a doctor is a must- don’t forget it.

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