Light Therapy for Acne- Photodynamics for Skin

A few years back, acne sufferers tried to stay outdoors to expose their skin to the sun in order to reduce their problem. Sunlamps were also suggested since they expose the skin to light. But such treatments were stopped due to the destructive effects brought by ultraviolet rays. The results included:

  • Thickened skin
  • Trapped oils and bacteria
  • Worsened skin conditions

So these days a new therapy is being used to effectively cure acne without the disadvantage of harmful ultraviolet rays. Dermatologists offer an enhanced photodynamic therapy for your skin. Also, you can now enjoy this light acne therapy at the comfort of your home through handheld devices available in the market.


Fyola LED Photon Derma Roller -BodyFaceShop

The Dynamic Effect of Light Therapy for Acne

Porphyrins, derived from P. acnes bacteria, become activated through visible blue light. It goes into the skin, killing bacteria that cause acne. This takes place after undergoing several sessions of light therapy for acne. And in the end, you achieve beautiful, smoother and clearer skin- permanently!

I used to have a severe case of acne, and after going through this therapy, I feel much better now. I have tried the light therapy for acne and seen wonderful results on my skin.

Dermatologists-Recommended Light Therapy for Acne Procedures

The blue light receives photosensitizers that penetrate your oil glands. Photosensitizers include aminolevulinic acid and lemuteporfin, and are used by physicians for light therapy for acne.

The process goes like this:KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. The photosentisizer goes into your skin.
  2. You then wait for about 15-60 minutes.
  3. The light therapy for acne begins, which takes 8-10 minutes.

A laser or barely visible light may be applied for treatment. Other doctors make use of light-emitting diodes for a quick time of 35 seconds. This is done together with another set of therapies such as microdermabrasion.

The Convenient yet Risky At-Home Light Therapy for Acne

There are smaller versions of dermatological devices used in light therapy for acne but are less effective. These devices may appear to be able to kill acne bacteria but the effect is not as excellent as those performed at the doctor’s office.

Those who have used these devices can see improvements on their skin. According to reports, some people developed whiteheads profusely after several sessions. Light therapy for acne does work, as evidenced by reduced blemishes. Though there are portable devices for personal use, but if you want best results, you should get it done by experts.

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