Smooth and Efficient Hair Removal: Are You a Good Candidate for Permanent Hair Removal?

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If you’re tired of shaving or waxing every few days, you’ve probably considered laser hair removal. There are a number of benefits to permanent hair removal in addition to throwing away your razors. Your skin will likely become smoother and more even over time. But, before you purchase an epilator or have a consultation with a spa attendant, here are a few suggestions that can help you determine if permanent hair removal is right for you.

The Color of Your HairFyola-Cartoon-Hair-brush-300px

Basically, if you have pigment to your hair, you’re probably a candidate for permanent hair removal. If your hair is very light, the hair removal process is will likely cause dark marks to appear on your skin. If your hair is beginning to change color due to age or any medicines you’re taking, consult your doctor and spa attendant to determine if permanent hair removal is a safe option.

If you have medium to dark hair but notice a few skin blemishes or irritation from shaving, it’s best to hold off on laser hair removal until your skin has healed. If there are also scrapes or bruises on your skin, allow these to heal before you try permanent hair removal.

No Time to Shave or Wax

If you have a busy schedule and are always rushing to shave, permanent hair removal is likely a great choice. If you’re always removing hair with a razor in a hurry, you’re likely to miss spots, and to be particularly rough on your skin. Permanent hair removal will save you time each day, and you won’t have to worry about nicking or cutting your skin with a razor. With permanent hair removal will also eliminate the worrisome feeling you get when you think you’ve missed a few spots while shaving. Few things are worse than putting on a formal outfit or cocktail dress, going to a fancy event, and noticing that there are patches of hair on your legs. You’ll likely be self-conscious the entire time you’re attending the event, which can definitely put a damper on your evening.

Permanent hair removal also eliminates the hassle of handling hot wax if you normally use waxing to get rid of unwanted hair. The wax can also get messy and can be a challenge to clean. Not to mention, waxing doesn’t always work on the first try, which means you’ll likely have to apply wax to your skin more than once to get the look you want. If you want to learn more about epilators, click here.

hair-removal-4 copy

Soothing Your Skin

Finally, permanent hair removal can help you get rid of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. If you have especially sensitive skin, permanent hair removal could be a reliable beauty solution that can boost your confidence, no matter what occasion you’re preparing for.

If you’re nervous about your first permanent hair removal experience, you’ll probably feel better if you know how to prep your skin. In the next article, you’ll learn how to ensure that your skin is in the best condition before you begin the permanent hair removal process.

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