Smooth and Efficient Hair Removal: How to Prep Your Skin

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 Now that you’ve decided to purchase an epilator to permanently remove unwanted hair, it’s important to prepare your skin. When your skin is conditioned and moisturized, you’ll be able to remove hair effectively. The more effort you put into preparing your skin, the less time you’ll have to spend actually removing the hair. Here are some tips that will make your hair removal session successful.

Skip TanningFyola-Cartoon-Hair-brush-300px

At least a month before you want to use an epilator, stop going to tanning booths or using self tanner. You want to make sure your skin is at its lightest when you’re using the epilator. This can help to prevent irritation. To make sure your skin is not tanned, you may want to use your epilator in the fall or winter months. If any of your body parts that will undergo permanent hair removal are exposed when you go outside, use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Don’t Pluck or Wax

Don’t wax or pluck your hair for two weeks before you remove the hair permanently. Skin that has recently been in contact with hot wax or tweezers can become very irritated during a permanent hair removal session. Plucking and waxing also makes permanent hair removal less effective. Shaving a week or two before you remove your hair permanently is fine. In fact, shaving is recommended.

Shave Thoroughly

A day or two before you use an epilator, shave the areas of your body where you want to permanently remove the hair. The longer your hair is when you permanently remove it, the more painful the process will be. Be sure to shave low enough so that your hair follicles are visible. If you want to learn more about epilators click here.

Clean Your Skin

Immediately before using the epilator, wash the areas of your body where the hair will be removed. Use a gentle yet effective soap or cleanser and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry your skin completely, and don’t put any gels or lotions on, since these can make the epilator less effective.

If you’ve informed your doctor of your plans to use an epilator, your physician may have prescribed you antibiotics to prevent infection during your hair removal treatment. Take the medicine as instructed before removing any hair from your body permanently.

It’s also a good idea to dress in loose clothing for your hair removal session. Your skin needs to breath after being treated with the epilator to prevent irritation and redness. Shorts or a short dress that exposes your legs, or a tank top to keep your underarms uncovered are ideal clothing pieces for your hair removal session.

Finally, if you have especially sensitive skin, apply a warm compress to your skin before removing the hair. This opens the hair follicles and softens the skin, so the process will be less painful. You can also put anesthetic cream on your skin to make your skin less sensitive. If you’re using the epilator anywhere on your face, be sure to put on protective eyewear before you begin.

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