5 Ways To Add 4 Hours To Your Day

Not enough time to do everything you want? Well, worrying about it won’t add any more hours to your day! Here are five simple, effective ways to add at least 4 hours of productive time to your day, every day.


#1 – Cut Down On TV.

 Did you know the average American watches an average of 4 hours of TV a day? Simply cutting down on TV consumption will save you dozens of hours a week. Try cutting down little by little, until you can last the day without watching any TV at all.

Don’t worry — you won’t miss a thing. Trust us. If there’s anything important, you’ll hear about it through text, a call, or an important e-mail. But you can let go of 99% of TV without missing anything important.

 #2 – Get Some Help.

 No, I’m not telling you to get a shrink. But perhaps the menial activities of your life can be outsourced to someone else. Do you do a lot of bookkeeping for your side business? Then maybe you can hire a virtual assistant to do it for you while you focus on higher-paying work.

Even your chores can be outsourced! Hiring maid service isn’t such a bad idea if it frees up a couple of hours each day for you — hours which could be spent doing something more productive, like getting some exercise and building your side business.stockxpertcom_id37721931_jpg_7d650415a864cdc8e27ddbcdd40003f0

 #3 – Get Up Earlier.

 Early risers have it good. They get off the bed without hitting the snooze alarm. They shower. They have breakfast. They get dressed. And they’re chiseling away at the day’s workload before 6AM.

Work better at night? No worries — just get up smarter instead of earlier. Develop a waking-up routine that you love, so that you actually look forward to get ready for the day. You’ll free up enough time to squeeze in a trip to the gym when it opens the following morning.

 #4 – Plan Ahead.

 Every night, plan the following day. List down your goals and the work you need to finish. Then, when you wake up, you tackle your to-do list firing on all cylinders. You’ll get done with hours to spare!

By the way, once you get better at this habit, don’t stop at the next day. Plan the week. Plan the year. Plan the rest of your life! Think of all the DAYS you’ll save just by simply planning ahead!

 #5 – Get Some Exercise.

 Finally, get some exercise. We waste so many hours of the day simply because we feel tired or unmotivated. But when you exercise regularly, your body learns to store up more energy, which you can release through some productive work!

How do YOU add more hours to your day? Share your tips with us below!

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