Under arm swelling? Take care of those lymph nodes

Are you having problems because of your underarm swelling? Concerned of how serious this condition can get?


 Underarm swelling – how did you ever begin?

Our body’s immune system constitutes of a very important part known as the lymphatic system. There are lymph nodes contained in the lymphatic system and they are found all over our body. The lymph nodes are very small, similar to a bean. Lymph cells are the ones responsible in producing antibodies and antioxidants that fight infection brought by bacteria and virus in the body. They in turn protect the body against diseases. When the lymph nodes in your underarms get infected, they become swollen.

Why do the lymph nodes get swollen?

There are many causes of underarm swelling. It could be a normal breast tissue that extends into your armpits or fatty growths, and even a harmless cyst. But underarm swelling can also be serious as caused by the following

  • Viral infection such as chicken pox, HIV or AIDS
  • Fungal infection like sporotrichosis
  • Bacterial infection coming from a cat scratch
  • Vaccinations of any allergic reaction
  • Cancer with leukemia as an example

Can my underarm swelling still be cured? When do I seek medical attention?

Since there are many causes, the treatment also varies depending on what type of ailment you have.

  • For bacterial and viral infection, antibiotics are enough to heal your underarm swelling.
  • If the swelling lymph node is cancerous, a biopsy is necessary. And when you are positive with cancer, chemotherapy will help in underarm swelling.
  • There are also cases of underarm swelling when there is no specific treatment needed as it heals naturally.

If the swelling persists and does not disappear for weeks, you should seek medical attention. Also if at night, you experience fever or sweating and you feel extraordinarily tired, you should see a doctor.

What else should I keep in mind?

Proper personal hygiene is strongly advised. You should regularly clean the swollen lymph nodes on your underarm to keep infection from spreading. Another thing is wearing the type of clothes that suit your skin. Avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic material, as they retain sweat and can cause bacterial infection.

You can keep underarm swelling from happening to your body if you take proper care of your lymph nodes. As always said, prevention is always better than cure. Take extra efforts for maintaining a good health condition. Live a healthy and clean life.


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