What You Need to Know Before Having Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead lifts are an invasive procedure meant to reduce the signs of aging.  These can be effective for many people, but it is critical to understand the procedure before you decide to have one.  You want to know about things like recovery time and how the procedure is performed before going under the knife.  You also want to learn more about alternative treatments that can produce similar results without using such an invasive technique because this can save you both a significant amount of pain and money.

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What is a Forehead Lift?

This is a surgical procedure that is done to lift the sagging skin of the forehead, upper eyelids and eyebrows.  It can also work to improve the appearance of wrinkles between the eyes and in the forehead.  This will change, or even remove, the skin and muscles that are causing sagging and things like drooping eyebrows, forehead furrows, hooding eyelids and frown lines.  This can be done alone or with another facial surgical procedure, such as eyelid surgery, a facelift or nose reshaping.  During this procedure you are awake, but you are fully numbed.  Some surgeons may also choose to give you a medicine that will help you to relax a bit.

During the surgery, it is not uncommon to feel some stretching of the skin and some people will feel a bit of discomfort.  You can request general anesthesia so that you are asleep, but not all plastic surgeons will provide it.  You will have hair trimmed away from the cut line, but no shaving is done.  Excess skin, muscle and other tissue is removed and everything is pulled up and then everything is stapled or stitched into place.  Everything is then washed and dressings are applied.

You will need to keep the dressings on for a few days and you will also have to keep the head elevated for about three days to help to prevent swelling.  Things like bruising and pain are not uncommon and these can last for a week.  Itching is also common and this can last for up to six months as the nerves regenerate.

Some people are unable to wrinkle their forehead or raise their eyebrows and may need to have additional surgery to correct these issues.  A wide scar is possible if you experience a lot of swelling or if the skin is pulled too tightly.  This may also require additional surgery to minimize the scar tissue.

 How Can Galvanic and Ultrasound Facial Devices Help?

Galvanic facial treatment is also sometimes referred to as a non-surgical facelift.  It can work to improve muscle tone and firmness without any invasive procedures.  You will use a pre-treatment gel and massage it in.  The galvanic device is then used on the area to allow the galvanic current to penetrate deeply into the skin.  The procedure is relatively painless and most people only report some mild tingling that can tickle a bit.  You will not have to have any sedatives or anesthesia to have this done because there is no pain.  Most people report positive effects after the first session and the results are cumulative so you will notice even more improvement with continued treatments.  During the first two months, you will do a treatment once a week.  After this time, you will be able to maintain your results by doing a treatment just once every three months.  Some people have mild redness following the use of a galvanic facial machine, but this goes away quickly and there really are no other side effects.

An ultrasound facial massager is able to promote tissue healing, treat inflammation, increase collagen extensibility and promote topical agent absorption.  It takes advantage of high-frequency sound waves that are able to penetrate deeply into the different layers of skin to improve appearance from the inside out so that skin is more filled out and plump.  Overall skin tone is improved and sagging skin and wrinkles are diminished.

You will apply a conductive gel to the skin so that conductivity is as high as possible and to ensure maximum penetration.  These gels also tend to have ingredients that are able to better firm and tighten the skin.  You will notice an immediate effect when using ultrasound.  After a single use, most people report that their skin is a bit tighter and firmer, but continued use is necessary for maximum and maintained results.  This is a non-invasive therapy and some people report feeling some heat or warmth during the procedure, but there are no other side effects.

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