LED Photon Skin Therapy: Blue or Red Light for Acne Treatment?

Finally Something to Help Our Acne Problems

If you find even mild acne spots on your face, you should not delay. Immediate action can help you get rid of acne. If you haven’t considered it yet, I have a simple solution for you- blue/red light therapy for acne. Known to be safe, this treatment is proven to have worked for people- through the improvements seen over a period of time. You can select two light methods to remove skin problems and to add a radiant glow to your skin.

  • Blue Light – Though termed as blue light, it is actually violet light that kills the bacteria that cause acne- called P. Acnes. This light works excellently in enhancing your skin. The porphoryn found in bacteria is activated by this light, causing the bacteria to melt and kill itself.
  • Red Light – Red light is anti-inflammatory. It is responsible in better healing and increased rate of collagen production. Your skin tone gets even, healing red marks faster.


You can get a photon LED roller for a reasonable price here.

Try the Fyola photon roller and let me know what you think about this device

The Flawless Touch of Light Therapy for Acne

I am among those who have undergone blue/red light therapy for acne and I can attest, like many of them, that this light therapy for acne is effective.

The improvements are immediately visible. The red light acts in just a few days’ time. The blue light gets rid of almost all the bacteria in the first few days of the treatment. Expect 12 weeks to totally unblock pores, resulting in red marks fading away. In case your acne is not completely removed, you will experience that its development rate has slowed down to extremely low rates.

If you don’t see any improvements in the first week, do not give up- sometimes it just takes longer.

Availing the Blue/Red Light Therapy for Acne

if you decide to get those special light therapy lamps for acne dig deep into your wallet, because these big lamps can cost you around $300- $800.  The most expensive that LED photon device that I have found was the baby quasar. It cost $795!

Below is a simple comparison between personally acquiring special lamps and seeking professional help for blue/red light therapy for acne.

 Personally acquiring special lamps

  • You can use it several times over many years
  • No extra cost
  • You can use it conveniently at home anytime you want
  • Proper knowledge of the procedure is a must- any incorrect method may cause serious problems

Seeking professional help

  • You are assured of the correctness of the treatment
  • The doctor knows exactly what your skin needs
  • The procedure is expensive
  • You may feel uncomfortable to travel

Weigh the pros and cons of both the options, and then you can decide the best treatment according to your needs.

You can also get a professional 3-in-1 beauty device for less than $250. It that comes with galvanic therapy, photon LED and Ultrasound. It’s called the Fyola facial machine 


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