Top 3 Detox Diets For Weight Loss (Detox Series 6/6)

Want to lose weight AND feel healthier at the same time? Then a detox diet may be in order! Weight loss is a wonderful side effect to the detoxification process, since a detox diet involves decreased calorie intake, colon cleansing, and fat burn. Here are three detox diets you may want to consider trying.


 #1 – The Lemon Detox Diet

 Also known as the “Master Cleanse,” this diet was put on the map by Beyonce, who used it to lose 20 pounds for her role in the movie “Dreamgirls.” Beyonce had to gain the weight back after wrapping up the movie, but you won’t have to!

The lemon detox diet involves staying away from solid food for 10 days, all the while drinking a tasty lemon drink made from lemons, Cayenne pepper, natural maple syrup, and pure water. What you get is a low-calorie, fat-burning, colon cleansing drink you can have anytime of the day.

You’re supposed to drink 8-10 glasses of this special lemonade every day for 10 days. Without any solid foods to process, the body uses the 10 days to purge itself of toxins, waste matter, and other poisons. And, yes, you also stand to lose up to 20 pounds after the 10-day period!

 #2 – The Raw Food Diet

 We humans were never designed by Mother Nature to rely on instant processed foods. That’s why letting raw food comprise a good chunk of your diet will help your body chemistry get back into balance. Without any toxins from cooked, processed, and manufactured foods, you’ll stand to enjoy improved health soon after adopting a raw food diet.

Raw food also has fewer calories and more nutrients than cooked food. One of these nutrients happens to be fiber — a main ingredient in colon cleansing, and a natural hunger suppressant.

When trying out a raw food diet, make sure all your food is completely fresh. No sense losing weight when it makes you sick, after all!

 #3 – The Green Juice Diet

“Green juice” is a generic term for juices and smoothies made primarily out of vegetables (especially green leafy ones). Obviously, such smoothies are the most nutritious, with loads of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to be had.

The green juice diet isn’t a detox diet per se, since you don’t stick to it only for a few weeks. It’s actually more of a lifestyle, in which you make green juices and smoothies an irreplaceable part of your diet. Think about it — if you had a green smoothie every morning, instead of the usual greasy bacon and eggs, you’ll be doing your body a mighty favor!

Green juice is great because blending fruit and vegetables “pre-digests” them, making their nutrients easier for the body to absorb. This leaves more energy for cleansing and fat-burning purposes. And, yes, you’ll be burning a LOT of fat when you replace fatty breakfasts, salty snacks, and soda with green juice!

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