Which Removal Hair Removal Method Is Safe?

Should I go for Permanent Hair Removal or not? Permanent hair removal is certainly enticing – no more unwanted hair. But is it completely safe? I began some research, and discovered some shocking facts about permanent hair removal.

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Should I go for Permanent Hair Removal or not

We want to say goodbye to unwanted hair forever. But permanent hair removal seems like a distant dream for most. And here I am, wondering if I should get permanent facial hair removal or not.

I began some research, and I found a fact- there isn’t any guaranteed method for permanent hair removal. Though there is electrolysis that is even approved by FDA and it the best method to get rid of hair for the longest time- maybe even permanently, but it does involve a lot of hassle.

Although the common belief says that electrolysis is permanent, but my research showed otherwise. Some studies have found that everybody does not gain permanent hair removal.

 Claims about hair removal treatments

Yeah there are lots of treatments, machines and gadgets that promise fast, easy and even permanent hair removal. If a method is claiming permanent removal, then you should read the fine print. There are not just products, but also “professional” treatments that make false claims.

Laser hair removal

There are some laser removal centers that declare that you will never get unwanted hair again, but let me reiterate the previous fact again- there is no guaranteed method for permanent hair removal. Laser treatment does not work for everyone, and it is not permanent either.

Destroy your follicles yourself!

As told by The Mayo Clinic, laser process can reduce unwanted hair by about 40 to 80 percent. But don’t lose heart- there are always other methods of hair removal- threading, waxing, and tweezing etc. The good news is that if you repeatedly destroy your hair, chances are that the hair follicles would be destroyed, and they wouldn’t be able to produce hair.

With all this information, you can now decide on your own if “permanent” hair removal is something that would be the best decision for you or not.

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