Neck Traction: The Answer to your muscle pains before going to the Clinic


How much do you know about the neck pain?

Don’t get too depressed. You are not the only one who’s suffering from neck pain. Nearly 70% of North Americans are experiencing it and people are looking for solutions in order to relax their muscles. Under the stressful working conditions, people spend up to 8 hours on average per day by sitting in front of their computers and not surprisingly it will cause pains on your neck muscles.

Mind and body are connected. Your stresses due to high amount of work and psychological pressure by having project dead lines tense up your upper body muscles making them more prone to get injured. This constantly gives pains on your neck. However, the chance of getting muscle pain dramatically decreases once the muscles become more flexible by having less emotional stresses at work. Therefore, it is very important to know techniques to relax your muscles.

What causes the neck pain?

As most people suffer from the neck pain, one of the biggest causes is that people stare at something that is not properly positioned at their eyes. If you are looking at a computer monitor that is way too below or above your eye level for a long period of time, your neck muscle gets continuous stresses causing pains after all.

Another cause you must know is the poor sitting position. What makes difficult to correct your bad position is that you sit and get yourself positioned everyday and unconsciously. This repeated action becomes your habit causing pain on your neck, since the muscles on the front of your neck are stretched too much. Whenever you hold your head too far forward, this bends your spine and strains your neck muscles due to the weight of the head as well. Always remember putting your chin straightforward and center your head over your neck.

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Suggested Solutions for reducing your neck pain

Obviously, there are many low cost solutions to relax your neck muscles. A good recommendation to relax your body and mind is simply having meditation at home. Set yourself aside from stresses and invest just 20 minutes a day. Forget about your tedious daily work activities. Turn off TV, cell phones, lights but just concentrate only on deep breathing with your eyes closed. You will realize that your mind is slowing down and you are getting comfortable as you further concentrate on this activity. While you are meditating, consciously have your neck muscles tightened up and follow through the relaxation. It is very important because it makes your neck muscles not only get stronger but also even more flexible. Also we suggest that you consult your chiropractor before performing any exercises that you are not confident with.

If you are looking for a more immediate, effective and affordable solution for your neck pain relief that can be done anywhere at anytime, we strongly recommend the ChiSoft Neck Traction. This device is designed with the accumulation of the neck pain relief solutions introduced above. The ChiSoft Neck Traction stretches your neck muscles properly, reduces muscle tensions and enhances your pain relief in truly great ways.

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ChiSoft Neck traction, Neck Traction Device

The 4-Layer ChiSoft Neck Traction device is used to relieve muscle pain and may allow your muscles and other neck tissue to adjust properly

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