A Herniated Neck Disk and How Neck Traction May Help

Neck pain is something that millions of Americans battle. There are more available treatment methods than there are neck pain causes, but the majority of these have harsh side effects or long recovery times. Neck traction, or cervical traction, is a treatment option that is effective without side effects and negligible recovery time.

Neck Pain

Acute Neck Pain and Traction

There are times when a person wakes up or has an accident and the neck pain is either immediate or strikes the next morning.  Issues, such as sleeping wrong, muscle or soft tissues sprains and strains and whiplash give people no time to really prepare for the pain and stiffness that makes life more difficult.

Many people will reach for an over-the-counter medication, ice or heat.  While all of these can be effective, they are treating symptoms without addressing the root cause of tissue discomfort .
Neck traction will stretch the soft tissues and cervical vertebrae allowing for them to heal.

Herniated Disc and How Neck Traction Can Help

The symptoms of a herniated disc in the neck can come on gradually or suddenly. The pain can be quite severe, greatly interfering with daily activities. In between each of the bones in the spine are small, almost rubbery discs that provide shock absorption. When the disc herniates, the soft materials inside of it protrudes out of the small space and can press on nearby nerve tissue.

The disc itself is not causing any pain, but what it is pressing on is what becomes painful. Other symptoms can also occur, such as weakness, tingling and numbness. A neck traction device is able to open space between vertebrae, allow the muscles and other tissue to reset. This is a resetting of the structure, which in turn, addresses the root cause of neck pain.

Pinched Nerve Treatment with Neck Traction Device 

Herniated discs, spinal space narrowing, bony growths and disc degeneration can all lead to a pinched nerve.  When a nerve is pinched, it is essentially like kinking a water hose. Nerve signals will be numbed or nerve endings may become irritated. This can also result in intense pain, pain that radiates down the arms, causing weakness and sensation problems. Neck traction can be helpful in relieving the pressure on the nerve, thus allowing it to heal.  It is like undoing the water hose kink so that it can straighten out and allow the water through. An excellent combination would apply neck massages and neck traction, ensuring an effective resoration of structure.

Relieve Stress-Related Muscle Tension with Neck Traction

Muscle tension can be painful and can make it uncomfortable to do things like sit up straight, work with the arms and sleep.  The best way to eliminate the pain associated with muscle tension is to stretch the offending muscles.

Neck traction is a way to gently and effectively stretch the muscles in the neck, upper back and shoulders.  The stretching will help to relax and release the tension, which in turn, helps to alleviate the pain, stiffness and other discomforts associated with muscles that are tense and tight.

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