Diet Pills: Friend Or Foe?

More and more dieters are turning to diet pills for a little extra help in weight loss. There are a lot of diet pills out there, and they all claim to help users lose weight faster. But a few diet pills have made headlines for their dangerous side effects. That begs the question: Are diet pills our friends, or foes?


What Diet Pills (Claim To) Do

Here’s the thing: Different diet pills work in different ways. Some, for instance, work by boosting the metabolism. Others work by encouraging fat burn. Still others encourage slimming through the building of lean muscle, and there are others that induce weight loss by cleansing the body of excess water and waste material.

Do they work? Diet pills seem to work wonderfully for some people, while they seem to do absolutely nothing in others. In other words, it’s wrong to generalize and label ALL diet pills as “friend” or “foe.” It would seem that the best way to find out is to try the pills ourselves.

Metabolism-Boosting Diet Pills

One of the most common (and generally safest) kind of diet pills are those that claim to boost the body’s metabolism, or natural rate of calorie burning. The more calories your body burns on an average day, the more pounds you’ll drop at the end of the month. Such diet pills often include ingredients such as green tea extract.

Of course, metabolism-boosting diet pills won’t do much when used on their own. You’ll seill need the basics — an organic, plant-based diet, lots of exercise, multivitamin supplements, and enough good sleep. You may also want to really “go natural” and develop a love for green tea itself, for instance.

Muscle-Building Diet Pills

Muscle is more metabolically-active than fat. Each extra pound of lean muscle you put on will burn 10-50 calories per day on its own. That may not seem much, but that adds up to 1-5 pounds of fat every year. That’s why many health experts advise building lean muscle to accelerate weight loss.

Some diet pills induce weight loss by encouraging muscle growth. These diet pills may contain ingredients such as protein, whey, etc. Again, these pills won’t build muscle on their own — you’ll need to also put a great muscle-building regimen in place, with lots of weight-lifting exercises and high-intensity interval training.

Body Cleansing Diet Pills

Other diet pills work by cleansing the body of excess water and waste material. For instance, there are diet pills that clean the digestive system of waste material that’s been there for years, or even decades. Obviously, this can result in some VERY fast weight loss — up to 12 pounds or more within the first two weeks.

Of course, that’s just the waste material leaving the body. What about the slimming part? Well, a clean digestive system means you’ll need less food to feel full and nourished, which means it will be easier to cut calories

So What’s The Verdict?

Once again, it would be wrong to generalize all diet pills. After all, they work for many people — there wouldn’t be such a big market for them if they didn’t work at all! So if you want to know whether or not they’ll help you, try them yourself — or ask your doctor.

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