Reduce Back Pain with Good Posture and Back Support

Paying attention to your posture is essential for keeping your back and spine in good physical shape. The spine is very important for your health and the damage can even affect other body parts in the long term. Good back support and maintaining proper posture are important if you want to reduce the occurrence and intensity of pain in your neck and back.

Businesswoman with backache back pain isolated

Damaging Spine Can Even Cause Headaches, Neck pain and Tiredness

It is important for when you sit for several hours in office chairs to get good back support. Poor posture and inadequate support of the back can cause muscular damage and put pressure on your spinal column.

Eventually this can alter the structure of your spine, and lead to constricted nerves and blood vessels. Not to mention the troubles with your vertebrae, joints and muscles. This can result in headaches, neck pain, tiredness, and also problems with breathing.

What is Incorrect Posture?

The first step to correct this problem is by pay attention to your posture while sitting on the chair in your office, carrying items, or waiting in line. Pay attention to your sitting or standing positions causing poor posture. You might want to ask somebody else to take a look at their posture and offer comments or suggestions. Or even let someone take a picture of your posture.

Examples of bad posture and back support

  • Slumping forward with curved shoulders
  • Curving the lower back inwards when sitting or standing (Lordosis)
  • Moving heavy objects using one side of the body
  • Supporting a telephone handset by leaning your neck into your shoulder
  • Holding the head too high or constantly looking downwards
  • Using a mattress or pillow without good back support, or sleeping in a position that promotes poor posture

Examples of bad posture while sitting in an office chair

  • Slouching frontward while seated
  • Not using of the chair’s lumbar back support
  • Sliding forward on the chair’s seat

What is Good Posture?

When you stand with good posture, one should be able to draw a straight line from the earlobe, through the shoulder, hip, knee, and into the middle of the ankle.
It’s critical that you know how to achieve and maintain proper posture when sitting, standing, bending, stooping, and lying down. Always support your lower back when sitting, so that you will experience less pain. Your posture should be able to adjust easily and gracefully when you move from one position to another. These actions will become habitual and you will keep them up easily after initial rectification of bad posture habits.

Get Proper Back Support from an Ergonomic Chair

A lot of people use office chairs that are not suited to their bodies and they do not provide adequate support for the lower back. A good approach is to select an ergonomic office chair, which gives enhanced support, and which may be more comfortable for you.

Keep Your Spine In Motion – Get Up and Walk Around

The spine should be kept in motion, and even if you sit in an ergonomic office chair for hours at a time, you should get up, stretch and walk around often throughout the day.

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