How Infrared Heat Therapy Can Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be devastating, leaving you spending more time trying to find back pain relief and less time enjoying life. Almost everyone will suffer from back pain at sometime during their life, but in most cases the pain is temporary and back pain relief comes naturally.

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Tips for Relief of Chronic Back Pain

For others, it becomes chronic back pain and sufferers may find themselves turning to pain medications for relief of pain. Whether these medications are over the counter or prescription if taken for long periods of time your body often becomes immune, requiring stronger and stronger medications to relieve chronic back pain. Worse, these drugs can become addictive leading to serious problems.

Chronic Back Pain Solutions with No Drugs

There are back pain relief options that are a far better option than medications, whether for an occasional back ache, or for chronic back pain. If you suffer from back pain remember that heat is your friend. While it’s true when you initially injure yourself ice should be used to reduce inflammation, when the it’s past the initial injury or a chronic condition heat can bring you all kinds of relief with no side effects.

Microwave Heating Pad

Microwave heating pads have become very popular in recent years, because there is no need to be near an electrical outlet to use them. Those with a ceramic pack are especially good because you never have to worry about the pad exploding if it is accidently left in the microwave too long. Microwave heating pads offer flexibility. Whether you are at home, in your car, or on vacation they can go anywhere you go.

Infrared Heating Lamps

Heat lamps are another good treatment for relief of chronic back pain or for almost any part of the body for that matter. Deep heat is very therapeutic promoting blood circulation, raising the tissue temperature, and removing toxins from cells, bringing quality back pain relief.

Heat lamps come in different sizes. Larger floor models can be used within your home, while portable, compact models are good for traveling. All heat lamps are not created equal so be sure to read the specs before making a purchase based solely on price.

Massager Machines

Massage is another non intrusive treatment that provide a great deal of relief for chronic back pain. It can also provide added benefits such as reducing anxiety that of often accompanies chronic pain conditions. For pregnant women, massage is a popular choice for lower back pain.


A chiropractor will manipulate your spine to restore mobility and reduce pain. Chiropractic treatment is not without its controversy. If you are unsure about seeing a chiropractor, make an appointment for a consult.

Stretching Exercises

Exercise is often overlooked for chronic conditions like back ache, yet it can offer a significant reduction of pain by stretching muscles and increasing flexibility. Yoga is a very popular choice for back pain relief. Never underestimate the power of something as simple as exercise. Word of caution – start light and build as your back strengthens. A physiotherapist can get you started.


Acupuncture is affordable and can provide pain relief for chronic back pain. It is important to recognize that acupuncture is not instant and may require a series of treatment, even up to a year, to completely eliminate chronic pain. Acupuncture has long been used in Chinese medicine to relieve pain. It works by releasing natural pain endorphins that are as popular as opioids.

There you have it – several non addictive options for chronic back pain relief. Don’t give up too soon, and remember if one treatment doesn’t work try another. Without trying you will never know what brings you relief from your chronic back pain.

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