Aerobic and Cardio Exercise

Walking workout

Is Aerobic Exercise a Better Cardio?

Here’s a surprisingly-common question in the health-and-fitness world: “Is aerobic exercise a better cardio?” You’ve come to the right place to find the answer to this reoccurring question.

Aerobics And Cardio Explained

What are aerobics? These exercises are meant to improve the body’s respiration (aka breathing). The better you breathe, the more oxygen your body receives. When your body is fully oxygenated your internal organs function at their best, which means you can perform at peak efficiency.

What is cardio (short for “cardiovascular”)? These exercises are meant to improve the body’s blood circulatory system. When you get your blood pumping with cardio your heart begins to strengthen, a strong heart pumps oxygen-rich blood more efficiently.

So what’s the difference? Very little, the two are very very similar. Two of the same just tucked away under different names. This means it’s irrelevant to ask if aerobic exercise is better than cardio exercise. With that being said there are indeed certain aerobic/cardio exercises out there that are better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the more common ones.

Good Aerobic/Cardio Exercises

Jogging- The first aerobic/cardio exercise that most people try. There are many benefits to jogging, the first being that you don’t need a pricey gym membership to participate. Instead you need only invest in a quality pair of running shoes to insure proper support while running. When jogging make sure someone knows your jogging route and try to jog with a partner. If you jog with music keep your music at a volume where you can still hear what’s going on around you. Before beginning any workout program make sure to get the thumbs up from your primary care physician. Always listen to your body.

Biking- This is another excellent source of exercise. Some feel that biking is better than jogging because it causes less potential damage to the bodies joints. Biking gives you an invaluable opportunity to explore the countryside and fill your lungs with fresh clean air. This is the perfect time to increase your physical and mental fitness at the same time. Riding in the fresh air is the perfect time to relax, meditate, reflect, and pray.

Boxing-  Another great aerobic/cardio workout to try that also helps relieve frustration from the day. Kids to grandparents love thumping the heavy bags — who says that’s not good stress relief? Boxing is better than jogging and biking in the sense that the upper body also gets a good workout. It also helps develop your strength, speed, and reflexes.

Swimming- The perfect workout for all your water lovers out there. Swimming is a great aerobic/cardio exercise to try when you want to develop your strength, flexibility, and endurance all at the same time. A great workout for those suffering from arthritis or other joint related issues. Some fitness experts call swimming the best “all-in-one” exercise because you can focus on multiple fitness goals at once.

A Few Tips About Aerobics/Cardio

Most fitness buffs will tell you to go through your cardio exercises first, and then move on to weights and interval training later when your muscles have stretched and warmed up. One of cardios main use is to prevent injury when you start doing more intense exercises.

It’s also important to remember to pace yourself. It’s okay to push yourself a little past your limit daily (this is actually recommended), but listen to your body. If you push to hard you may suffer an injury that will only set you back regarding your health and fitness goals.

Remember to stay cool. When jogging, for instance, slow down to a walk when you feel overly exerted. Once your breathing is steady again speed up to a jog. Don’t try to jog the entire time your first time out of the gate, especially if you’ve never jogged before. Try intervals of jogging and walking while you build up your endurance. You will find that your endurance will improve over time and you will be jogging the entire time before you know it. Try to take part in cardio exercise 3 days a week, with a day of rest or strength training in-between.

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