Tension Release by Massage Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, Massage, AromatherapyMassage aromatherapy promotes the healing process and is a tool that’s overlooked far too often for releasing tension. Anyone can apply massage aromatherapy oils. Massage can reduce muscle tension, and relieve tension throughout the body. How can you benefit from massage aromatherapy?

Please note that you should NOT use essential oils. These are highly concentrated oils. Essential oils should only be used with an aromatherapy diffuser.

Click here to Read more about aroma diffusers.

Two of the most common Aromatherapy massage techniques:


The petrissage massage aromatherapy is a popular choice. This is a gentle kneading motion just like when you knead dough. The movements need to be slow and done with care so as not to create pain. Petrissage movements work well in areas surrounded by fat such as the back. It will increase circulation, release toxins, and cause the muscles to relax. You will apply slight pressure with the thumbs in this massage movement.


Effleurage is an extremely important movement if you are giving a massage aromatherapy included. A series of soothing strokes are gently applied to the body allowing the essential oils to penetrate into the skin. It releases tension creating a relaxing calm. The whole hand is used in a mix of short, long, gentle, and firm strokes causing muscles to relax, circulation to increase, and nerves to be soothed.

Types of Aromatherapy Massage that Can Be Done

  • Neck Massage
    Use firm but small circular movements, starting at the neck base along the vertebrae (either side) massage towards the base of the person’s scalp. Working towards the neck sides you must gently repeat the movements as you work down. Using the appropriate massage aromatherapy oil repeat a number of times.
  •  Head Massage
    Massage aromatherapy on the scalp is very relaxing. You start by putting the chosen aromatherapy oil on your fingertips and then work it into all of the scalp. If it is to treat a headache or migraine massage at the base of the neck and work up and across the scallop.
  • Back Massage
    You can use either petrissage or effleurage in a firm or gentle manner, but don’t massage along the vertebrae. Start in the lumbar region of the back and work your way up to your shoulders. Use both hands and apply varying pressure. The longer the massage is the more beneficial it will be to release tension. It can have the same effect as an aromatherapy spa.
  • Shoulder Massage
    You can use either petrissage or effleurage in a firm or gentle manner, with varying pressure. Use your thumbs and your palms then move from the shoulder to the neck and then back changing sides.
  • Arm Massage
    Massage from the hand to the armpit with either the petrissage or effleurage techniques.
  • Leg Massage
    Legs must be massaged from the foot upwards. The effleurage technique is the best. Never massage varicose vein areas.
  • Stomach Massage
    In a clockwise circular movement using the effleurage technique massage.
  •  Foot Massage
    Massage starting at the toes down to the heal using the thumbs underneath the foot and the fingers on the top side.
    There you have it, massage aromatherapy that will release tension. The more body parts you massage the greater the tension release and the more like an aromatherapy spa the effect will be.


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