How A Detox Diet Heals Chronic Ailments (Detox Series 4/6)

Are you suffering from chronic ailments, such as headaches, allergies, aching joints, digestive problems, fatigue, and depression? Here’s some news — the pills won’t work for long! If you want to get rid of your chronic ailments, you’ll need to get rid of the root of the problem — TOXINS!


Where Toxins Come From

 Toxins are poisonous substances in processed food, air pollution, chemicals, pesticides, etc. If you live in a big city, chances are toxins are everywhere. While modern civilization has introduced many superficial comforts to life, it has also introduced imbalanced, unhealthy lifestyles.

Today, we take in toxins every single day. Now normally, the body has all the systems it needs to cope with the toxin intake. But as the body becomes more toxic, it becomes less able to flush out these poisons — and the resulting imbalance gives rise to the chronic ailments you’ve come to know and hate.

 How Toxins Make You Sick

 When the body can’t catch up with the toxins you take in each day, bacteria and viruses survive and propagate inside it more easily. Think of the immune system as an army that’s hopelessly outnumbered — it’s putting up a valiant fight, but the enemy is overrunning it at every front.

As our insides get dirtier and more poisonous, we become more susceptible to chronic illnesses like headaches, fatigue, hypertension, and even depression. Pills and other pharmaceuticals can make the symptoms go away, but if the body remains toxic, then the chronic ailments will always, always come back.

 How To Detoxify

 It’s important to detoxify the body if you truly want to get rid of your chronic ailments for good! And the best way to detoxify is to simply restore the body’s natural way of healing itself, by reverting to an organic plant-based diet (raw vegetables especially) and getting lots of exercise.

There’s just one obvious problem to this approach — not all of us have the time, patience, or discipline to take such a drastic lifestyle change. That’s why most of us may need to settle for the next best thing for the meantime — detox diets!

 How Detox Diets Work

 As their name implies, a detox diet helps the body detoxify through certain changes in diet. Most detox diets advocate fasting (or minimizing the intake of certain toxic foods). For instance, the lemon detox diet eliminates all solid food for 10 days.

When the body doesn’t have to digest as much solid food as it normally does, it gets a break. The “enemy” stops advancing, and the immune system starts regaining lost ground. The body starts flushing out toxins and waste material, making itself less and less toxic.

There are many different detox diets out there to choose from — pick the one that suits your lifestyle. Most detox diets are best done once every six months. Go right ahead — detoxify and say goodbye to your chronic ailments forever!

One thought on “How A Detox Diet Heals Chronic Ailments (Detox Series 4/6)

  1. Yes, this is absolutely true – “by reverting to an organic plant-based diet (raw vegetables especially) and getting lots of exercise.” the only remedy, but for many it is very hard to start with and maintain.

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