Hemp Protein Powder – Get The Best Plant Based Protein Powders to Build Muscle

Body-building supplements are commonly consumed by athletes and people who wish to build their bodies like their favorite celebrities. Protein supplements are the most popular and widely used supplements.

Protein supplements are available in various forms such as ready-to-drink shakes, nutrition bars and powders as also in various flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. The powdered form of protein is commonly inhaled by the body-builders. It contains building blocks that are vital for building muscles in the body.

Protein powder is mixed in water, milk or juice, as suited to the consumer. Protein powder is normally inhaled just before or after exercising, for efficient growth and repair of muscle tissue.

whey vs plant based protein

Types of Protein Powder :

  • Whey Protein– It is made of globular proteins derived from whey, a by-product of cheese. Research suggests that whey protein can be used to reduce disease risk and a potential ingredient in treatment of several diseases. It is rich in amino acids, which aids in recovery of muscles, but there is a better choice…keep reading
  • Plant Based Protein such as Hemp Protein – It has the perfect amount of enzymes and fatty acids, making it appropriate for nutritional needs of a person. Its amino acids are also required for repair of muscles. Hemp protein does not let the body drain of globulin reserves and hence, gives a huge boost in raw power.
  • Casein Protein Powder – It is mainly found in milk but is slow digesting. It releases amino acids by forming a gel in the stomach. Casein Protein Powder prevents the body from “eating” up muscles to release energy even in the middle of one’s sleep.
  •  Soy Protein – It helps to increase the nutritional value of food items. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the rate of heart diseases. It provides the necessary requirements of amino acids for growth and maintenance of the body and supports us in combating physical stress.Soy protein can reduce specific types of cancer and increase thyroid hormones that accelerate the fat burning process. It helps people successfully lose body fat. The only downside to it is that it does not mix that well and does not have a great taste.
  •  Egg Protein Powder – This was a welcome relief to athletes who had to drink egg-whites to get energy. Egg protein is also referred to as the “perfect protein” as it is almost fat-free. It contains all the amino acids needed for growth of people with lean muscles. It is cholesterol-free and is perfect to mix in a shake.hemp protein powder NATERA
    Click here to See How NATERA Protein 369 Can Help Grow Your Muscle FasterProtein powder should be inhaled only after proper assessment of individual body requirements and the side effects associated with the protein powder.

According to Web MD plant based protein has many health benefits including boost immune system, better for heart and even reduce high blood sugar. Great for diabetics and vegetarians.


So You Got Your Protein Supplement, but Did You Follow the Right Diet Plan?

This diet is quite popular amongst the budding bodybuilders, sportsmen and athletes that abound in our gyms and on the playing fields. Due to the fact that protein is one of the most important nutrients for muscle development, our budding sport stars find that a HP diet looks to be the best option if they seriously want to build those extra muscles.

Does the high protein diet work to build muscles? – you ask.

While we all know that protein is essential to the building up of muscle, do we really need to put ourselves on a HP diet? Well the answer is pretty simple – YES and NO, our normal well balanced diet already consists of enough protein for muscle building, even for those looking to build muscle extensively.

So basically the jury is still out on as to whether we need to commit to a serious HP diet or not.

High protein diets tend to vary in the amount of protein that needs to be consumed on a daily basis – these can vary from.6 grams all the way up to 1.5 grams of protein for every 1 pound of body weight.

plant based protein NATERA

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There are a lot of foods out there that are high in protein and that a person should eat daily. For anybody wanting to go on a HP diet meat is one of the primary sources, look to chicken, turkey or fish as these meats are high in protein and low in fats.

For non meat eaters or people with no time to prepare these meals there is a substitute in powder form, this protein powder can be mixed into a shake and taken between 1 or 3 times a day depending on the product and diet.

Plant based protein powder such as organic NATERA hemp is very good choice for vegatarians.

Can going on a high protein diet affect my health?

This diet is generally not harmful for a short length of time [3 to 4 months], as long as the person going on this diet is healthy to begin with. A bit of weight loss should occur and if the person is also doing weight training, some muscle growth should appear.

The use of the HP diet for the long term is still under study and some health problems could occur as seen below:

1) Due to the fact that using the HP diet restricts the intake of carbohydrates, a person could end up with insufficient fiber and/or some nutritional deficiencies. This could result in constipation, diverticulitis and increase the risk for certain types of cancer.

2) Red meat and full cream dairy are often promoted in this high protein diet and many experts believe that due to the richness of these foods the risk of heart disease is increased.

3) This diet could also worsen any liver or kidney problems, with the body already struggling to eliminate the waste you have it will battle even more to try get rid of the by-products of the extra protein metabolized by the body.

This diet could be both good and bad for you, choose wisely and if you do decide to follow the high protein diet do so for a short term only and choose your foods carefully. Make good choices when it comes to the food you are going to eat, ensure the meat is lean and choose carbs that are high in fibre.

Remember – if you have any health problems and/or are on medication for chronic illnesses – to consult with your doctor before trying this diet.

What Kind of Protein Powder Have You Tried So Far?  Leave a Comment Below


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