Back Pain Treatment with Back Stretcher, Heating Device, Massage or Addictive Drugs?

Have you experienced some back discomfort during your life?

It can be any kind of back pain, from minor to severe. In most cases minor back injury will heal on it’s own, but chronic back pain is more long lasting. So when to use heat or massage therapy?


Should You Use Heating Pad, Hot Tube or Drugs?

If you have muscle spasms heat therapy can help because it will relax the muscles.You can use a heating pad to get relief from minor back pain, because heat can relax the back muscles strains. You can use the electrical heating pad or the microwave heating pad. Try to get a heating pad that emits infrared waves, which helps fasten the healing process. Unlike the electrical heating pad, the microwave heating pad is cordless and portable. You just wrap the heating pad around your body and walk around your home or even go outside for a walk

Another easy way is to use warm water therapy by sitting in a hot tub. Just fill your tub with hot water and sit there for 30 minutes to get relief. You do need to get a large hot tub, if you want to lay down to enjoy the warm water therapy. Warm water therapy is another popular way to get relief from muscle pain and muscle spasm.
The last back pain treatment option is using drugs. If heating pad and warm water therapy doesn’t work, you might consider using over the counter drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs will relieve swelling and will usually relieve back pain. Drugs are not recommended, since the can be very addictive. They can stop the pain temporarily, but you will become overly reliant on them.

What Exercises Can Help Prevent Back Pain?

It’s important to keep the back muscles stretched instead of shrinking so that healing can take place. To prevent back pain become permanent, you must exercise your back. Do slow exercise to stretch those back muscles. Do some Yoga or Tai Chi exercise if you want to heal and prevent permanent damage.
If you are new in Yoga or not used to those stretching exercising, we suggest you to start with Tai Chi. Many physical therapists suggest people to start with Tai Chi as the movement are slow paced, but at the same time it strengthens your back muscles.

You Can Also Try A Microwave Heating Pad

I have found this interesting ChiSoft heating pad here that might help sooth away your back pain.

This Is What Customers Using ChiSoft Heating Pad Say…

“I tried 3 different wraps, but this one feels great. The pad doesn’t fall off, once you put it inside the wrap. The heating pad works great for my back pain. Product is well designed.”

Cassy, New Jersey, New York

“I like that the heating pad can be put in the belt. The velcro strap makes it easy to wrap the microwave heating belt around my back. I can wear this heating pad outside walking or even driving. It stays warm for at least 1 hour. Great product”

Alex, Chicago, Illinois

“I have Fibromyalgia which causes severe back. This heating pad is so comfortable to use that I’ve taken to using it every time I lie on my back, especially when my aches and pains are nagging me. I don’t need to worry about the wires anymore, allowing me to roll with the pad from one side to my back and to the other side throughout the night.”

Matia, Philadelphia, PA

How About Back Massage?

If You Have Lower Back Pain, There’s No Reason for You to Suffer

Studies Say Back Massage Relieves Chronic Back Pain

What Health Conditions Can Massage Therapy Help?

Massage is a widely accepted form of treatment that helps millions of people with different painful muscle conditions, including

  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle spasms
  • Inflammation
  • Pain and stiffness.

A massage therapist manipulates the distressed muscles using their hands or specific tools to enhance blood flow through the body. This in turn brings oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helps to get rid of any acids or other waste products that build up there, thus easing pain.

Back massage helps to promote relaxation, extend the muscles, and aid the healing of any injured areas. If you damage a muscle in your upper back, for instance, the therapist will focus on this area to help it heal properly. A successful back massage will leave you with improved mobility and reduced pain.

Benefits of the Back Massage Remedy

Massage therapy offers numerous and significant health benefits. These include:

  • Improved blood flow
    This helps with the healing of muscle pain as a result of physical exercise and other activity.
  • Muscle relaxation for better range of motion
    This also helps insomnia sufferers to sleep better.
  • Improved endorphin levels
    This is the greatest benefit of massage therapy. The “feel-good” sensation you get from these body chemicals is incredibly valuable in dealing with persistent pain.

Take Necessary Precautions Before Taking Massage Therapy

It is vital that you take some precautions when doing massage therapy. If your muscles do not loosen up when your massage therapist applies force, it is likely that they are inflamed. In this case do not get back massage again; instead, check with your doctor for alternatives.

For best results, most muscle spasms need four treatments, typically stretched over a timeframe of six weeks. Try using another therapy if your symptoms do not improve after two massage sessions.

It is wise to see your doctor for a complete health check before beginning the massage therapy, especially if you suffer from chronic lower back pain.


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