How ChiSoft Back Stretcher Relieves Back Pain Without Pain Killer

Back pain can cause issues in all area of your life.  Finding an effective treatment that fits your lifestyle is important.  There are dozens of different treatment methods.  Taking a look at what is available and evaluating them can help you to determine the best back pain relief treatment for you.

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Rest to Treat Back Pain

Some causes of back pain will be best relieved by simply resting.  Now it is important to NOT rest too long as this can be counterproductive.  In general, with minor injuries you want to rest for about two days and then start to gently ease back into exercise and activity.  If your injury is more serious, it is a good idea to talk to a doctor to determine how long you should rest and when you can start to exercise again.

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When To Use Ice and Heat to Treat Back Pain?

Most types of back pain will respond to ice, heat or a combination of both.  When inflammation is involved ice is generally the best choice, however, some people do get relief from heat too.  For best relief, alternating these is almost always a good idea.

Medications to Treat Back Pain

Medications are usually a first line treatment when back pain strikes.  For mild discomforts, there are a variety of over-the-counter medications that can be helpful.  It is important to take these exactly as the directions state to minimize the potential for side effects.

If you are having spasms and/or stiffness in your back, your doctor may choose to prescribe a muscle relaxer.  These can have side effects, such as drowsiness, so it is important to only take these when you are able to rest.

When pain is moderate to severe, there are prescription pain medications that can be helpful.  These often cause drowsiness, nausea and unsteadiness.  Like muscle relaxers, you should only take these when you are able to rest and do not have to be alert.

Four Natural Ways to Treat Back Pain

  1. TENS units are very helpful for strains and spasms.  These help to block pain signals, which in turn, reduces the pain you are experiencing.  These can be used several times a day to help keep your pain at a tolerable level.
  2. Acupuncture and acupressure are becoming more mainstream in recent years.  Acupuncture involves finding specific spots on the back that are painful, or using acupuncture points, placing needles and allowing you to rest as they go to work.  Acupressure is similar except it does not involve the use of needles.  The practitioner will place pressure at specific points to help relieve pain.
  3. Massage is a great way to help loosen tight muscles.  This can be done at a spa or medical office, or a friend of loved one can help to work your back muscles.  If you have a specific painful area or knot, it is a good idea to target this and then try to work the full back for overall pain relief.
  4. Spinal manipulation is something that a chiropractor does.  This involves rapid movements to help relieve pain.  For example, a rapid twisting of the neck can help to relieve stiffness and pain.  This must be done by someone who is well-trained.

Ten More Tips for Preventing Lower Back Pain – No Pain the Best Gain!

Keep Back Pain at Bay with these 10 Useful (and Simple) Tips & Tricks

  1. Feel You Own Pain.
    When your back gives the first sign of giving out, stop! Treating back pain sooner prevents even worse pain later
  2. Sit Up Straight without Crossing Your Legs.
    This takes pressure off the lumbar, or lower, spine.
  3. Bed Rest Usually Does Not Relieve Back Pain.
    You are likely to overcome back pain sooner if you keep moving, even very slowly.
  4. Chiropractic Treatment is most likely to help when the disk or disks that have degenerated can be clearly identified. If you have “general” back pain, your are more likely to benefit from exercise.
  5. If you ordinarily sleep on your back, Try Sleeping on Your Stomach.
    Sleeping on your stomach permits the spine to assume its normal S-shape and relieves the stress of misalignment.
  6. A Child’s Backpack Should Never Exceed 10% of The Child’s Weight.
    The weight of the backpack should be distributed over both shoulders.
  7. Parents who carry small children should switch arms used to hold the child, or use a stroller.
  8. Excessive Use of Aspirin and Other NSAID Pain Relievers, such as Tylenol, can actually cause degeneration of the pads between the disks of the spine. Alternate aspirin and NSAIDs with other pain relievers, such as capsaicin.
  9. Don’t Avoid Minor Back Pain When It Comes Time to Exercise.
    Regular exercise of all the muscle groups is necessary to avoid imbalances that can aggravate existing back conditions.
  10. Trying acupuncture for your back? Start Taking 1 or 2 Capsules of DL-Phenylalanine Every Day about Two Weeks Before You See Your Acupuncturist. You will get greater pain relief from the acupuncture if you do.

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